Summer School Experience: Berlin School of Economics and Law


I attended summer school at Berlin School of Economics and Law from 5th July 2015 to 25th July. 2015 My experience there changed me in a way nothing else did. The summer school helped me explore a lot of other cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam and Brussels, apart from Berlin where the summer school was. But again it wasn't a perfect trip, there were a lot ups and downs in trip due to not knowing the European culture. Eventually It taught me how to be a responsible person when I'm not around people I know. Also, the best part of the trip was meeting new people and getting to know about their lifestyle. I made a lot of friends from Poland, France, Australia, U.K and Austria during my stay there who I am still in touch with. One major relief I got there was to see some Indian people, because not speaking your mother tongue(Hindi) makes you miss home a lot, thankfully It didn't happen to me because of the Indian friends I made from Symbiosis Pune, MBA course.

As far as the academics is concerned, I was taught International Labour Law and the structure and function of European Union. We were even taken to visit the European Parliemant.

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One of the few issues that I faced there was the language barrier. Although I already knew the basics of German language, yet I couldn'۪۪t understand one of my lecturers there. She used to communicate only in German, so we tried to interpret everything by her actions. This made me learn German in an entirely different manner which couldn't have been possible in India. Also I got to know that the best place to learn a language is to learn in the place where it'۪s a mother tongue. I met a lot of people from different parts of the world such as the UK and Australia who had come to summer school only to learn German, and it was them who told me about this manner of learning a language.

We were taken to visit a lot of monuments and heritage sites, such as the Berlin Wall in Germany. I even saw the Park Guell in Barcelona. Apart from this, I went to the beach with my friends and rode the electric scooter, which I really loved.

Our course coordinators at the university, Helena and Utta, were very supportive and understanding. This trip was a different experience altogether. I made a lot of memories to cherish forever. Now I have friends from Poland, France, Austria, England and Australia. The exposure that I got there was unmatched. If given a chance, I would love to go back there.


- Animesh Katiyar