Berlin School of Economics and Law - Report

Europe is always a good idea and if you are there for a summer school course, nothing can be better. When I was selected for the Summer School programme in Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin, Germany through my University for International Law of European Union (ILEU) course, I was excited as it was my first trip where I have to be all alone and manage everything myself.

The course was a three week course, and it started on 5th July, 2015 till 25th July, 2015. When I reached Berlin, my buddy came to pick me up from the airport, and I was so amazed with the hospitality and friendliness of people there towards strangers! His name was Sidar Gumus, and he is the savior who helped me reach my accommodation safely, easily, with lots of luggage. The most amazing thing was the beer bottle that my buddy was carrying for me! Yes, the legal drinking age in Germany is 16 years, and that was one of the big cultural amusements for me there.

The accommodation was pretty good and I was excited to meet my roommate because one of the reasons for me to apply for this summer school was EXPOSURE, and meeting new people. My roommate was from Belgium and I am glad I found her as my roommate. She was a huge influence on my entire stay in Berlin as I learnt a lot from her. 6th July, Monday was our Orientation Day. It was the day when approximately 200 students from all the courses, the teachers, the buddies were present together in one room and having an informal introduction. And folder comprising of Time Table, and Day tours were given to us. It was from Tuesday, 6th July at 9 am that our classes began. There were 20 students approximately in my course and while we were talking with each other, we met our first tutor Dr. Lawrance. She was a friendly woman who taught us European Law- Introduction and its International applicability. The classes with her were not restricted to books and class notes; rather she used to do daily classroom activities and presentations with us. At the end of 1st week, that is on Friday we had our exam of that particular subject. And so was the procedure for every week. But, two things were common in all the three weeks- German Language classes, and day tours which used to take place twice or thrice a week. They used to take us to tours like Brewery and Beer testing tour, a tour to Postdamplatz, Bundesrat Tour, Jew Cemetery tour, Berlin Wall tour, Bombardier tour, and many more. These tours were the best part of the summer school.

Apart from these, we used to have time to explore places on our own. As the college timings were from 9am to 3pm, so we used to have a plenty of time to explore other places on ourselves. And that’s what made me go to many other beautiful places like Sony Center, Lego Center, Charlie Checkpoint, the famous shopping streets, Hackershek Market, Alexzenderplatz, and many more places. Berlin is a huge city and there is so much in the city to see. Three weeks are not enough to see the city, that’s what I figured out. Apart from the cultural differences, natural beauty, Berlin is a city where people are extremely friendly, lovable.

Farewell on 24th July, 2015 came too early for me. The university arranged Certificate distribution. The certificates were distributed to everyone and after it a small party in the college was organized. The teachers offered us Champaign as a mark of farewell and invited us to Golgatha Bar in the evening from 9pm onwards where a small party was arranged for us. That was a bit sentimental moment for every one of us as we never realized how beautifully these three weeks passed. The farewell party was beautiful, and from meeting each other, we were bidding good bye-s.

I learnt a lot in this Summer School and it made a better person in a lot of ways. It was indeed a lifetime experience. Thank You for giving me such an opportunity.


- Shreya Mehta