The Legal Aid Centre at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA is established with ‘Aim & Objective’ to ‘Serve legal aid, through human resource, knowledge resource, & infrastructural resource, to those who need it the most, purely on pro-bono basis’.  It’s a blend of legal duty (as laid down under Rule 31 of Bar Council of India’s Rules of Legal Education, and Rule 11 of Schedule III of the said ‘rules’) of the Institute with mission of the Symbiosis International University. 

The mission statement of the Symbiosis International University says that it is committed towards ‘fostering spirit of national development’, ‘instilling sensitivity amongst the youth towards the community’, ‘contributing towards knowledge generation and dissemination’, and ‘promoting ethical and value based learning’.  The establishment of the Legal Aid Centre at Symbiosis Law School - Noida acknowledges that it is committed towards fulfilling its ‘institutional social responsibility’. 

The above laid ‘objective’ will be achieved when those, who have knowledge, including persons from the legal profession, alumni of the Symbiosis International University, and the students, will come forward to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise with those who are in need of legal aid & support.

Participation of members of the Legal Aid Centre in various activities will make them more sensitive towards various legal issues that are being faced by the society people.  It will enhance their understanding of their ‘moral duties towards the society’, which will lead to ‘sense of responsibility in nation building’. 

With these ‘Aims & Objectives’, the Legal Aid Centre of Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA will be active in three directions:

Legal Awareness

Target population, as per the kind of activity, will be made more aware of the legal issue that is being taken up by members of the Legal Aid Centre. This awareness will be created through personal interaction, through pamphlets & posters, and through various other similar modes.

Legal Literacy

Target population, as per the kind of activity, will be taught how to draft very basic legal documents, like, ‘writing complaint’, ‘writing application under the R.T.I. Act’, ‘drafting an affidavit’, and similar other documents. 

Core Legal Aid

The aided person/s, as per requirement of the situation/case, will be given core legal aid, like, ‘giving advice as per the legal provisions’, ‘bringing aided person/s before legal forum/authority’, ‘presenting case of the aided person/s before legal authority/forum’, and similar other activities.


The Legal Aid Centre at Symbiosis Law School – Noida constitutes of a ‘Head’ of the Centre, a ‘convener’, a ‘co-convener’, and thirteen ‘Para-Legal Volunteers’.  A senior faculty member is being appointed as ‘Head’, and students have been appointed as ‘Convener’, ‘Co-Convener’ And ‘Para-Legal Volunteers’.

The Centre, with all the required infrastructural facilities, is situated at Ground Floor of campus of the Symbiosis Law School – Noida; it is open six days a week (Monday to Saturday) from 9 am to 5 pm.

It welcomes you to come & participate, both the ways, as a resource person, or as a needy person. Let’s enrich us with your knowledge, experience, and expertise; or, let yourself be benefitted with our efforts.


Be a part of the change that you want in and from the society. The Legal Aid Centre is a platform at a preliminary stage that gives the zest to work towards the change

Seetal Patra, Batch 2015-20
Para-Legal Volunteer

Being a part of Legal Aid Center, makes me feel good. It fulfills my sense of social responsibility and helps me to contribute to this community. Our aim, at the Center is not to bring any change; our aim is to facilitate the positive changes that are already happening in our society. It also gives an opportunity to delve into the practical aspects of legal profession.

Shambhavi Gupta, Batch 2016-21
Para-Legal Volunteer

As students of law it is our duty to serve the society and to make a significant difference in people's lives; and it is with this belief that I joined the L.A.C. It helps in contributing to the community and fulfilling our sense of social responsibility. L.A.C. is a group of individuals that is committed towards helping people with low income and finding solutions to their legal issues. Being a part of this group is the most satisfying experience. At the Legal Aid Centre, access to justice isn't just a slogan; it's what we do.

Vaishali Singh, Batch 2016-21
Para-Legal Volunteer

As Martin Luther King once said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We, at L.A.C., believe that no one in any corner should be deprived of justice. For justice to prevail, an equal opportunity should be given to everyone. We strive for protecting the rights of the weak to make an egalitarian society.

Dhriti Gupta, Batch 2014-19

“Justice is the conscience of whole humanity.”-Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Legal Aid is fundamental to provide everyone in this country an equal opportunity towards access to justice across economic and social barriers. We at the Legal Aid Centre believe in moving forward by incorporating the positive changes in law with society as a whole.

Ahona Pal, Batch 2014-19

“Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.” – Nelson Mandela
The Legal Aid Centre is diligently and vehemently following the enshrined foundation of our constitution. The activities performed by the centre are for the ones who have been ignored by the society. Hence, the centre provides with equal opportunity and justice to the underprivileged class by making their voices heard to the nation.

Harshita Prakash, Batch 2014-19

Legal Aid Centre of SLS, Noida has truly imbibed a notion of responsibility, professionalism and discipline. It is a bridge in true sense between society and judicial system. I am truly indebted to this Centre.

Yash Kotal, Batch 2013-18

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy
I strongly believe in his words for doing my bit to help and assist a person or community, so that it goes a long way. It not only benefits that particular individual but also affects the person aiding in various positive ways. I believe that while pushing forward the frontiers of legal aid as it exists today, we have to go beyond the traditional aspect of legal aid provided through conventional means such as litigation. Being a law student, I feel that it is my duty to give voice to the unheard and revive their belief in legal system as a whole. Providing Legal aid should be the sum and substance of every individual.

Nishtha Jain, Batch 2016-21
Para-Legal Volunteer

Christopher Darden “I chose to go to law school because I thought that someday, somehow I'd make a difference.”
That's what I am looking forward to in my life. One day as a Legal Professional I will become a catalyst for change in the lives of people in need and try to make the society a better place to live fearlessly, and I strongly believe that Legal Aid Centre is the perfect platform to achieve that.

Kaustubh Shrinarain, Batch 2017-22
Para-Legal Volunteer

We as educated, budding lawyers have a professional and moral duty to represent the under-represented in our society, and to ensure that justice exists for all, both legal and economic justice. And the Legal Aid Centre is the best facilitator to help me to do so. As members of LAC our sole aim and goal would be to render legal aid to the needy and give equal opportunity to all classes of society to be heard and seek justice.

Jheel Bhargava, Batch 2016-21
Para-Legal Volunteer

“We rise by lifting others” -Robert Ingersoll
The Legal Aid Centre provides me a chance to justify the above mentioned quote by giving me opportunities to help those who are in need of it. As an individual we all have responsibilities towards the world we live in and maybe if I can fulfil certain part of my responsibility some change may come. We at LAC try to put our best effort to contribute to the change.

Aparna Singh, Batch 2017-2022
Para-Legal Volunteer

To be able to help the underprivileged, perhaps is a privilege for us to have, and once given the chance, it is our moral obligation to not let it go. I am at LAC to provide whatever little I can, in my capacity, to the society which has many like us, just not fortunate enough to be born where we are. I take this, as a pay back to the unearned privilege that I have been bestowed upon, in the disguise of my family and surroundings.

Shiwani Agarwal, Batch 2017-22
Para-Legal Volunteer

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.” - Henry Ward Beecher
As students of law, we can do a lot about the rampant injustice around us. Being Associated with LAC has inculcated a sense of responsibility in me. We here at LAC try to bring justice within the reach of the deprived section of the society.

Sudiksha Gupta, Batch 2016-21
Para-Legal Volunteer

As a citizen of this country, I am deeply sensitized with the grave and harsh social and economic realities of my country and a feeling to work towards mitigating those gulfs by helping the underprivileged and the needy has always been my motivating factor. My utmost priority is to become a socially committed lawyer. Legal Aid is one of the stepping stones for me to achieve that. Through legal aid activities not only the society is benefitted but it also acquaints the PLVs with the practical aspects of the legal profession which they cannot learn through books. It gives us an opportunity to delve into the insights of the legal profession. L.A.C. is one such group where all similarly oriented people come together and do justice to the society. Lastly being a member of the L.A.C., I strive for protecting the rights of the needy by taking initiatives for these issues thus building an egalitarian society.

Mudrika Purohit, Batch 2016-21
Para-Legal Volunteer


Sl. No.

Name of the Event


Date of the Event


“Ek pahal, Ek shuruat, Aao chalein ek kadam, Third-gender persons ke saath”


30th July, 2015


Street Plays on issue of ‘Dating Abuse’

Indraprastha College, Maitreyi College, &, Jesus & Mary College

October, 2015


National Colloquium on the issue of ‘Marital Rape’


17th October, 2015


Legal Aid Camp on ‘How to File Application under the RTI Act’

Sec. 62, Noida

29th November, 2015


Legal Aid Camp on ‘Rights of Third-gender Persons’

Sec. 62, Noida

29th November, 2015


Legal Aid Camp on ‘How to File Application under the RTI Act’

Kansal village, Chandigarh

15th December, 2015


Legal Aid Camp on ‘Rights of Third-gender Persons’

Kansal village, Chandigarh

15th December, 2015


Legal Aid Camp on ‘How to File Application under the RTI Act’


20th December, 2015


Legal Aid Camp on ‘Rights of Third-gender Persons’


20th December, 2015


Legal Aid Camps on ‘How to File Application under the RTI Act’ & ‘Rights of Third-gender Persons’


24th December, 2015


1st National Conference on Interlinking of Legal Aid Centres & Legal Services Authorities


19th April, 2016



Legal Literacy Camp: How to File an Application under the R.T.I. Act


10th June, 2016


Legal Literacy Camp: How to File an Application under the R.T.I. Act


26th June, 2016


Legal Literacy Camp: How to File an Application under the R.T.I Act


26th June, 2016


Legal Awareness Programmes: Rights of Third-Gender Persons, Free Legal Aid, Dating Abuse, & Cyber Bullying

Noida, Chandigarh and Bhubanewswar

27th November, 2016 (Noida),
3rd Decemeber, 2016 (Chandigarh),
9th December, 2016 (Bhubaneswar)


Pehchaan ASTITVA Ki: Legal Awareness Event and Interactive Session with Third-Gender Persons


10th December, 2016


Campaign on Right & Duty to Vote

Indirapuram, Noida

25th January, 2017


Beggary and Role & Duty of the Police

New Delhi 29th - 31st March, 2017


Legal Aid Camp: Awareness on Post Arrest Procedure

Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

28th May, 2017


Legal Awareness Event: Cyber Bullying, Cyber Crime, & Dating Abuse

Chandigarh 18th June, 2017


Legal Awareness Event: Right & Duty to Vote


25th June, 2017


Legal Awareness Event: Informing the Procedure After Being Arrested

Bhubhaneshwar 28th June, 2017


Legal Awareness Event on Basics of Right to Information


2nd July, 2017


Smiling Children - Oppressed Childhood: Legal Awareness on Child Labour

Kota 2nd July, 2017

Reports on Legal Aid & Literacy Camp: Sensitization of Society Towards Third Gender Persons

Legal Aid & Literacy Camp: How To File An Application Under The Right to Information Act

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