Research & Publication Cell

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein

Research is a scathing and innovative framework which helps in economic growth and fosters the spirit of national development. Thus, for research to generate practical benefit, the results must illuminate policies that are readily adaptable to the needs of society. But there also needs to be time and a desire to succeed in that research!

The purpose of the Research and Publication Cell at SLS, NOIDA is to determine the extent to which research can contribute towards knowledge generation and dissemination, which actually goes with the mission statement of SIU. Research and Publication Cell, SLS, NOIDA helps in conceptualization and development of research skills among the learners.

The Cell believes in orienting the student’s intellect and in disseminating research findings so that an enhanced network of research promotion, innovation and motivation is inculcated amongst the learners. The Cell continuously nurtures the creativity of learners and encourages entrepreneurship by organizing, various events each year.

We firmly believe that writing is an indispensable part of lawyers’ profession as well as his/her life. A firm grasp on the written word makes one a better lawyer and writing is a skill that cannot be acquired overnight. The legal education is incomplete without inculcating the advocacy skills of declamation, articulation and research.

The Research and publication cell is an initiative taken by Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA to institutionalise various initiatives taken by the Institute to hone research as well as writing skills not only for the learners of Symbiosis Law School Noida but also for learners of law across the length and breadth of the country.

We here at Research and Publication cell are working relentlessly towards upholding the cause of promoting research and writing skills among the learners of law. It doesn’t just stop there. We tend to achieve active participation from everyone and hence seek cooperation for successful accomplishment of all such events planned, which will help us in the making of a good lawyer and also pave way for better research which is looked-up for in all successful learners.