4th Year & 5th Year

Every academic year, learners at SLS-N undergo internship twice- 

  • In Winter (4-6 weeks)
  • In Summer (4-8 weeks)

We, at SLS-NOIDA, firmly believe in continuously improving the ‘Recruitment Quotient’ .  Based on this, we also offer the following:  

  • Long Term Internship (4th Year Learners)
  • Assessment Internship (5th Year Learners)

Each semester, learners from 4th Year undergo Long Term Internship, which is essentially Summer Internship extending into the months of July, August and September. Likewise, they can also choose to undergo Winter Internship extending to January, February and March.

Under our  Internship Programme for 5th year, learners can undergo Running Internship/Assessment Internship, as a part of which they can intern throughout the academic year except during the examination period. The academic calendar is so created that learners can attend classes and thereafter go for their respective internships.

Furthermore, the practice is to have learners' intern at a law firm/Organization for a specified period extendable by mutual agreement. Based on the performance of the ‘intern’ during the agreed period, organizations present learners with a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO).

As for stipends to be paid, there is no laid-down stipulation. However, usually, under the Assessment Internship Programme, firms often offer learners monthly stipends, the exact amount paid being at the discretion of the employer.