Certificate Course

No Date Title Resource Person
1 April 28 - June 02, 2020 03:00pm - 05:00pm Online Certificate Course on Energy Laws in India Ms. Rimali Batra, Principal Associate, DSK Legal, New Delhi
2 April - June , 2020 04:00pm - 06:00pm Online Certificate Course on Regugee Law & Policy and Issues of Contemporary Refugee Protection in India  Ms. Roshni Shankar, Executive Director, Migration & Asylum Project,  Ms. Hamsa Vijayraghavan, Legal Director, Migration & Asylum Project (M.A.P),  Ms. Pallavi Saxena, programme Manager, Migration & Asylum Project (M.A.P)
3 August-October 2019 Certificate Course on Soft Skills Development  Dr. Deepa, Doctorate in Molecular and Plant Genetic Engineering from Delhi University
4 August 21 - 31, 2019 Certificate Course on Overview of U.S. Legal System: In collaboration with Penn State Law, Pennsylvania State University, USA Professor Stephen G. Barnes, Assistant Dean of Graduate and International Programs, Penn State Law, the Pennsylvania State University, USA
5 August 08-09, 2019 09:30am - 02:30pm Certificate Course on Banking Sector And Allied Laws: Specific Reference To Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016 Mr. B. Gopalakrishnan, Senior Partner, S.K. Singhi & Co. (Advocates)
6 July 28-30, 2019 09:30am – 02:00pm Certificate Course on Legal Writing and Lawyering Skills: In Collaboration with Seattle University School of Law Ms. Mimi Samuel, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills And Co-Director, Legal Writing Program, Seattle University School of Law, Seattle, WA-USA