Extension Lecture

Sr.no Date Speaker Topic
1 January 13, 2018 Ms. Namita Bahri, Partner, JSA Advocates and Solicitors  E-Commerce and Related Laws
2 January 06, 2018 Mr. Vishal Kumar, Director – Cyber Education & Services, Quick Heal Technologies Limited Blockchain, Dark Web and Cyber Crime – Are we ready?
3 March 25, 2017  Ms. Sakshi Vijay, Advocate and Consultant, Law Commission of
   ‘Alternative Careers in Law’
4 February 04, 2017 Mr. Philip Mc Connaughay, Dean and Professor of Law, School of Transnational Law and Vice Chancellor, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School China’s Impact on the Western Legal Tradition: A Preview from the Pearl River Delta
5  January 21, 2017 Mr. Rajesh Mukhija, Vice President - General Counsel & Company Secretary, JCB India Ltd. Role Profile of and Expectation from a General Counsel in a Corporate set up; 2. Key Issues in Legal Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
6  January 10, 2017       Mr. Justice P S Narayana, Former Judge, High Court of Andhra Pradesh and Member, Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal         Mr. Justice Koka Rao: A Judicial Personality To Be Remembered
7 January 07, 2017 Mr. S. Ramaswamy, Former, EVP-Group General Counsel, Escorts Ltd and Founder, Medha Advisors Role of General Counsel & Inputs on Corporate Governance
8 December 24, 2016 Mr. Nagendra Pratap Singh (IAS), District Magistrate, Gautam Budh Nagar  What It Takes To Be An IAS Officer
9 September 10, 2016 Mr. Gaurang Kanth, Managing Partner, Kanth and Associates  Insider’s Perspective of Legal Profession
10 August 23, 2016 Mr. Amit Mohaan Meharia, Managing Partner, MCO Legal Arbitration, No More Frustration
11  August 17, 2016 Mr. Eric Gonzalez, Head, Proview (Professional & Academic Grade eBook
Platform) Business Development Across GGO (Thomson Reuters’ emerging markets)
How Law Universities Are Moving Paper-Less
12 August 06, 2016 Mr. Rajeev Nair, Associate General Counsel, Hewlett-Packard In House Counsel's Perspective on Large Corporate Transactions
13 July 23, 2016 Mr. Manish Modak Managing Partner, Astra Legal Associates LLP New Opportunities in Legal Industry & How to Prepare for New Challenges
14 July 16, 2016 Mr. Anupam Sharan, Director – Legal, Regulatory and Compliance at American Express Contact Management, Compliance and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
15 July 16, 2016  Ms. Nayantara A Devaya, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Value systems in the legal system- mentors, firms, specialisation and MONEY! & (2) Opportunities in the legal profession in India- the economics of trends!
16 July 09, 2016 Ms. Gauri Rasgotra, Partner and Deputy Head, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas,
Introduction to Legal Profession
17 June 14,2016 Mr. Chris Parsons, Chairman, India Practice, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
Herbert Smith Freehills – Is it for you?
18 April 16, 2016 Adv. Niraj Kumar Singh, Advocate, High Court of Delhi Evidences with respect to Financial frauds
19 April 02, 2016 Mr. J. P. Mishra, Deputy Director, Directorate of Enforcement, Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The Regulatory Framework of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
20 March 12, 2016 Mr. Rahul Goel, Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Competition Law Issues in Public Procurement
21 February 27, 2016  Mr. M G Ramachandran, Head, Ramachandran & Associates, Delhi Infrastructure Laws: An Overview
22 February 27, 2016 Mr. Rajiv Arora, Chief Legal, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs (Sr. V.P.) at Bharti Infratel Ltd. Role of In-House Counsel
23 February 6, 2016 Mr. Sumit Attri, Partner and Advocate on Record with Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, AOR, New Delhi What it takes to become an Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India
24 January 23, 2016  Ms. Shukla Wassan, Executive Director – Legal & Company Secretary of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd and Chairperson of International Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Ethics – Key to one’s growth
25 January 23, 2016 Mr. Rajiv Choubey, Vice President & Company Secretary of Vedanta Limited  Practical aspects of Laws affecting Mining and Metal companies
26 January 16, 2016  Mr. N. Swaminathan, Head-Regulatory, Bharti Infratel Limited New Developments in Criminal Procedure’
27 September 26, 2015 Dr. Vijay Kumar Aggarwal Partner, Seth Dua & Associates, Solicitors & Advocates Investigation under the competition act, 2002, & Principle of Natural Justice
28 September 19, 2015 Ms. Shweta Bharti Senior partner, Hammurabi & Solomon Advocates & Corporate Law Adviser Diversity of International Commercial Arbitration and the Indian Scenario
29  September 12, 2015  Ms. Manisha Chaudhary & Mr. Naveen Dahiya Managing Partner, UKCA And Partners & Advocates & Solicitors Insight into Cross Border M&A - Key Focus to Indian Laws
30 August 8,2015 Mr. Sukesh Mishra, Director (Law), Competition Commission of India  Evolution of Competition Law in India
31 August 01, 2015 Justice P S Narayan Former Judge High Court of Andhra Pradesh and Member, Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal The Proposed Replacement of Collegium System by National Judicial
Appointments Commission (NJAC) - Whether in the Interest of Independence of Judiciary or Not!
32  July 25, 2015 Ms.Rimali Batra Senior Associate DSK Legal Energy Laws in India
33 April 29, 2015 Prof. Satvinder Juss, Professor, Kings College London Studying Law in the UK
34 April 15, 2015 Ms. Elizabeth George Anderton, International Officer, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Studying Law in the UK
35 March 27, 2015 Dr. Gita Gill Environmental Justice in India with Special Emphasis on National Green Tribunal
36  March 4, 2015 Prof. Richard Lewis The most famous case in the world
37 February 25, 2015 Ms. Katherine Roseveare GC’s Roles And Responsibilities With Specific Focus On Cross-Jurisdictional Operation
38 February 4, 2015 Mr. Bruce Weitzman Additional Skills That Lawyers Need: Writing and Speaking to Meet Global Standards and Expectations
39  January 17, 2015 Mr. Akshat Pande What it takes to be a Corporate Lawyers?
40 January 15, 2015 Dr.Sujitha Subramanian Competition Law-Intellectual Property Law Interface: Does it Affect Development?
41 January 10, 2015 Mr. A K Singh Criminal Trial - An Overall View
42 January 3, 2015 Mr. Rajat Prakash Options After Graduation in Law
43 December 27, 2014 Adv. Anjana Gosain Inspiring People to Care for Wildlife - Naturally
44 December 26, 2014 Adv. Geeta Luthra Criminal Justice System in India
45 September 21-22, 2014 Mr. Murali Neelakantan Roles & Responsibilities of In-House Counsel | IPR & Innovation | What do recruiters look for in a recruit
46 September 13, 2014 Mr. Sanjeev Sahay Jurisdiction of Courts and Cross Examination
47 September 6, 2014 Mr. Apar Gupta Legal Representation for Technology Companies 
48 September 3, 2014 Mr. Sidharrth Shankar Takeover Code, 2011: Definitive Agreements and Acquisition of Control
49 August 22, 2014 Mr. Devdas Baliga Towards a Modern and Contemporary Food Law for India 
50 August 9, 2014 Mr. Nidhish Mehrotra Corporate Law vis a vis Corporate Social Responsibility 
51 August 07, 2014  Dr. Gita Gill Environmental Justice in India with Special Emphasis on National Green Tribunal
52 August 2, 2014 Mr. Kaustuv Chatterjee Casually Colorful Corporate – Core Mantra for Future 
53 July 26, 2014 Mr. Pulin Kumar Roles and Responsibility of In-House Counsel 
54 July 19, 2014 Mr. Ravisekhar Nair A Practitioner’s Perspective on Advising Clients on Competition Law
55  March 26, 2014 Ms. Kanishka Tyagi Forms of Business
56 February 22, 2014 Mr. Santosh Kumar Pandey Construction Contracts: Public-Private Partnership
57 February 8, 2014 Mr. Manoj Kumar Media Regulation: Is Status Quo the Way Forward?
58  February 4, 2014  Dr. B N Ramesh Practice and Procedure for Collecting Evidence with Special Reference to (a)
Police Investigation; (b) Identification Parade, and (c) Confession and Dying declaration
59 January 25, 2014  Ms. Tia Malik, Partner Cybersquatting: What’s Law?
60 January 11, 2014 Mr. 
Vinod Dhall The Competition Law In India--Its Growth And Impact
61 January 8, 2014 Mr. 
Anand Prasad Impact of legal and regulatory uncertainty on the Economy 
62 January 4, 2014 Mr. Gyanendra Kumar Mishra Importance Of Labour And Employment Laws In Today’s Time And The Need For The Reforms In The Labour Laws
63 December 24, 2013 Ms. Deepak Sandhu The Right to Information Act and its Usage and Implications for the Future of Democracy in India
64 September 27, 2013  Mr. 
Sidharrth Shankar The Law of Contracts – Theory and Practice
65 September 26, 2013 Hon’ble Mr. Justice Markandey Katju Ancient Indian Jurisprudence vis a vis Modern Jurisprudence
66 September 21, 2013 Mr. Manish Gupta Television Broadcast Distribution in India
67 September 14, 2013 Mr. Anup Kumar Srivastava Dispute Resolution in Commercial Contacts
68 August 31, 2013 Ms. Meghana Mishra Trademarks: Things you ought to know!
69 August 21, 2013 Mr. Vikas Goel Law of Arbitration in India
70 August 16, 2013 Mr. Abhinav Mohindru 1. Are You A Good Lawyer and 2. Ethical Lawyering 
71 August 10, 2013 Dr. Sanjeev Gemawat In-house counsels – Role & Relevance
72 August 3, 2013 Mr. Satya Prakash Media and Judiciary: Changing Dimensions of a Complex Relationship
73 July 27, 2013 Mr. Vikram Bhardwaj Drafting as a Skill
74 July 20, 2013 Mr. Ish Bali Advertising Laws
75 April 23, 2013 Mr. Russell Hewitson Art of Conveyancing
76 March 9, 2013 Mr. Inder Mohan Singh M&A Transactions Including Court Schemes And Related Laws 
77  February 23, 2013 Mr. Thakur Kiran Singh Competition Law - A Corporate Perspective
78 February 15, 2013 Mr. Herman Jeremiah  International Commercial Arbitration – An Imperfect Solution But The Best That We Have, If We Will It
79 February 09, 2013  Mr. Arpit Batra Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
80 February 02, 2013 Mr. Ajay Sawhney Effective Contract Management
81 February 2, 2013 Mr. Manish Lamba Changing Dimensions of Law and Interplay with Business
82 January 17, 2013 Prof. Jennifer Copland Oral Advocacy and Communications Skills: American Perspective
83 January 12, 2013  Mr. 
Sidharrth Shankar  Introduction to Private Equity
84 October 6, 2012 Mr. M S Bharath The Nuts and Bolts of IP Rights and Laws
85 September 29, 2012 Mr. Atul Sharma Rule of Law – Separation of Powers and Overreach of Constitutional Institutions
86 September 22, 2012 Mr. Amitabh Lal Das Information Technology Act and Rules: An Overview 
87 September 22, 2012 Mr. G R Bhatia Modernized Competition Regime in India: Understanding and Complying with the Indian Competition Act, 2002
88 September 21, 2012 Prof (Mrs.) Maya Chakravarti V Corporate Life skills
89 September 15, 2012 Shri. R Venkatramani Fundamental Rights
90 September 15, 2012 Mr. Suhail Nathani Succeeding in a Law Firm Environment
91 September 11, 2012  Ms. Maura Brady Sharp  Ethics, Compliance and Company Performance: Mixing Law and Business at MNCs
92 September 8, 2012 Mr. Anupam Lal Das Censorship on Internet
93 September 1, 2012 Ms Jasleen K Oberoi Case Study- Hague Convention on Collection of Evidence Abroad
94 August 25, 2012 Mr. Pulin Kumar Roles and Responsibility of In-House Counsel
95 August 18, 2012 Mr. Rajat Mukherjee Transitioning from law school to first year associate – what is expected of you as a corporate lawyer
96 August 17, 2012 Mr. Anjan Dasgupta Project Finance – Documenting the Deal
97 August 08, 2012 Mr. Alok Kumar Challenges in the State Bureaucracy
98 August 07, 2012 Mr. Jasmeet Singh Wadehra  Issues Related to Anti Bribery and Anti-Corruption Governance and Compliances in Mergers and Acquisitions
99 August 03, 2012 Mr. Ajay Thomas An introduction to International Commercial Arbitration 
100 July 31, 2012 Dr. Charlotte Helen Skeet Constitutional Design, Amendment, and Transjudicialism: Constitutionalisation of Women's Rights Norms in the UK 
101 July 30, 2012 Ms. Anu Peshwaria US Immigration, NRI Marriages, and Domestic Violence 
102 July 28, 2012 Mr. Hardeep Sachdeva  Foreign Direct Investment in India- Policy and Beyond 
103 July 23-28, 2012 Prof. (Dr.) Parmanand Singh Right to Equality, Right to Life and Personal Liberty, Constitutional Remedies to
Enforce Fundamental Rights, Amendment of the Constitution
104 July 21, 2012 Prof. Nilesh Sinha A Short introduction: The nuts and bolts of Academic Writing 
105 May 11-12, 2012 Mr. Mani M. Dan Organisational Behaviour-Stress Management; Conflict Management; and Organizational Change and Development 
106 May 11, 2012 Mr. Prabhu Narasimhan If I cannot win, I will change the rules! The Vodafone case and its impact on foreign investment in India
107 May 9-10, 2012 Prof. (Dr.) Renu Luthra Organisational Behaviour- Introduction to Organisational Behaviour;
Foundations of Individual Behavior; and Transactional Analysis 
108 May 7-8, 2012 Prof. (Dr.) R. K Suri Organisational Behaviour- Group Dynamics and Teams, Motivation and Leadership
109 May 1-3, 2012 Prof. (Dr.) Poonam Pradhan Saxena Family Law II- Law of Inheritance vis a vis Muslims, Christians and Parsis
110 April 17-19, 2012 Prof. (Dr.) A. David Ambrose  Indian Constitutional Law
111 April 9-14, 2012 Prof. (Dr.) B B Pandey Offences Against Human Body
112 March 17, 2012 Shri. R Venkatramani The Study of Law
113 March 3, 2012 Prof (Mrs.) Maya Chakravarti V Effective Communication and Presentation Skills
114 March 2, 2012 Ms. Soumya Sharma Lessons I Learned in My First Years As a Cross Border Transaction Lawyer
115 February 11, 2012 Mr. Shashank Garg Understanding Incoterms
116 February 4, 2012 Mr. Rishi Anand A Journey After Five Years (Post Qualification Experiences) 
117 January 25, 2012 Dr. Arun Mohan Things I Must Learn While at the Law School
118 January 20, 2012 Ms. Mary Footer Trade, Development and Foreign Investment in Light of the Global Financial
119 January 14, 2012 Mr. Pavan Duggal Indian Cyberlaw – Emerging Trends And Case Studies 
120 January 7, 2012 Mr. Vinod Kumar Aggarwal Company Law Amendment Bill, 2011 Part II
121 January 7, 2012 Ms. Mamta Bhargava Company Law Amendment Bill, 2011 Part I
122 January 2, 2012 Prof. Chitta Baral The British Nationality Act as A Logic Programme 
123 December 24, 2011 Mr. Gagan Sareen Facets of Distribution in Cable & Broadcasting Sector and Related Laws 
124 October 8, 2011 Mr. Niraj Patil Role of Law Professionals in Corporate Governance and Opportunities
125 September 21, 2011 Mr. Saurabh Ajay Gupta The Relevance of Practical Training in the Field of Law 
126 September 17, 2011 Mr. Jay Bhardwaj Anti-counterfeiting in IP - Practice and Procedure
127 August 20, 2011 Mr. Abhinav Mohindru The Day in the Life of a Lawyer
128 August 6, 2011 Mr. Sampath Bulusu General Litigation Practice-First Choice of a Legal Professional
129 July 30, 2011 Mr. Rohit Kumar  Confession of a Corporate Lawyer
130 July 23, 2011 Mr. B. Sai Chandravadhan Metacognition - Learning to Learning the Law
131 July 16, 2011 Mr. Rodney Ryder The Legal Mosaic - Looking Back, Looking Forward