Global Maritime Security & Anti Piracy Conference (GMSAC) 2011, Gujarat


Friday, 25th November’2011

Organising Body:
Gujarat National Law University, India

Conference Themes:

  1. Global Business & Trade effect of Piracy
  2. Handling of crisis situations
  3. Aims, Objectives, Acts, Agencies, Strategies of Pirate Attacks
  4. Legal Issues and Challenges
  5. Coordination between Government Agencies, and Security Establishments and Private Agencies
  6. Global and Regional Cooperation Approaches
  7. Best Practices-Case Studies: Anti-Piracy and Counter Piracy measures-US, UK, China, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, India, Somalia
  8. Anti-Piracy Technologies, Strategies and Solutions: Advanced and Indegenous
  9. Port Security
  10. Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Crisis Management
  11. Integration of Maritime, Defence and Coastal  Management Agencies
  12. Maritime Security Investment Fund

Submission of Abstracts (250-300 words): 30th August, 2011
Acceptance of Abstracts: 10th September, 2011
Submission of Full Papers: 10th November, 2011

Conference Paper Guidelines
Word Limit: Min 1000, Max. 3,500
Title Size: Max. 15 words
Abstract: 250-300 words

Organisation of Paper:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature Review
  4. Findings/discussion
  5. Summary
  6. Conclusion
  7. Implications
  8. References/Bibliography (Min. 25 references)

Conference Paper Checklist:

  • Title of Paper centered and font 16
  • Author name(s), below title of the paper centered and 14 font size
  • Leave two empty lines before and after the name of author(s)
  • A4 Paper margin top 1 58” bottom 2 32” left 1 63” right 1 63” width 8.27” length 11.69“
  • Footnotes, 10 font
  • Header 1.18” footer 2.02”
  • Sections/subtitles are in numbered sequentially, in bold and 14 font
  • Leave one empty line before  and after each section/sub title
  • Line spacing throughout paper is single spaced
  • Abstract in Italics, justified both with 2.5 inch margin on both sides
  • All text Arial only, font 12, except sub titles
  • Author affiliation and email at the bottom of the first page, 10 font
  • Figures, tables and charts are included within the body of the paper
  • Figures, text or tables are not coloured/shaded
  • Tables or figures do not break across two pages
  • All text justifies
  • No space left at the beginning of the sentence of the new paragraph
  • Heading of the table or figure is provided on the top of the table or figure
  • Grammar and spelling check

Registration Fee:
Indian Participants: Rs. 5000/-

Submission of Papers:
Papers should be sent to GMSAC Conference Secretariat at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For more details please visit the event link:

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Shikha Priyadarshini.

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