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Workshop on ‘Legal Clinic: Diya Project – Using Theatre as a Healing Tool and A Rehabilitation Strategy’: August 25, 2017


We are delighted to inform your good self that One Day Workshop on ‘Legal Clinic: Diya Project – Using Theatre as a Healing Tool and A Rehabilitation Strategy for Inmates’ is organised on August 25, 2017 from 09:00am – 02:00pm in Moot Court Hall, Academic Block, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA.  

Objective of the Workshop

This one-day workshop hopes to address the emotional, psychological and relational needs of incarcerated youth and women using theater conventions and drama therapy. The language of drama creates a safe space where emotions can be freely expressed and life lived from another’s shoes. Hence, empathy is built and awareness develops through role-play and other conventions. Clearly, the objectives of this one-day workshop are as follows:

  1. To liberate them form mental prisons through story telling, through psychodrama
  2. To make them aware of their goals and roles in society by improvisations and mirroring
  3. To help heal through drama conventions, socio drama
  4. To address feelings of guilt, shame, anger and low self- esteem through theatre of the oppressed, reflection and play
  5. To build on their strengths through the toothpick games and group dynamics

Using ‘Theatre Conventions’ like Role Play, Monologue, Improvisation, bring out the child within each of us, unburden the psyche and heal, using drama therapy.

  1. Action Steps: After a brief introduction, playing colors as an icebreaker, the attendees sit in a circle, get into role, and create a story akin to the character they are. The story is labelled: “Who am I?” It spans a time line when they were children, their best memories, youth their aspirations, adults, their frustrations, unmet expectations and bingo... the act that got them where they are…!
  2. Role Play: In Role games/ Family/ link roles to goals/ become somebody else
  3. Games: Family, Social, Political, Scenarios, played as A,B,C,D… 
About the Resource Person

Dr. Mala Thapar has specialization in ‘Theatre Studies’ from ‘Ontario Institute of Studies in Education’, University of Toronto, Canada.

Ms. Mala has been teaching and training Teachers and Students in ‘Performing Arts’ as a means to deliver the curriculum in India, Canada and the U.S. She also has been conducting ‘Theatre for the Incarcerated’ and ‘Theater in Education workshops’ for trainees and staff, students in India and across the border which help train personnel in healing and building self- image, positive life skill strategies of the incarcerated and others using theatre. She also has conducted Staff Development and Training in various fields of Education, Management, Leadership and Management met out to various institutions and organizations in India and overseas.

Ms. Mala has several Publications to her name including: Cultural Conundrums: Poems on Inter-Connectedness, Publisher Hansib Publications, London U.K.; Signature Cultures: Poems that Awaken Consciousness, Publisher Hansib Publications, London U.K; India a Wealth of Diversity, Coffee table book with articles on Indian Tribes, Family Structures, and Women; Publisher: Hansib Publications, London U.K.; Speak Well: A book on Public Speaking, Publisher Frank Bros. New Delhi; Friendship Season: A book on Inspirational verse, Publisher St. Paul’s Press Bombay; Eight Grammar Books: Publisher Pitamber, New Delhi. Her articles are also published in Hindustan Times, Times of India and other Literary Journals in North America

Ms. Mala has held positions in the past including: Head of RDCD ICSE School Board; Senior Teacher at St. Columba’s School, New Delhi; Professor at Khalsa College Punjab; Education Consultant for Australian Embassy, New Delhi; Teacher of ‘Story Telling at American Embassy School’, New Delhi; Examiner for EQAO in Canada; Trainer in the past: Management trainees at I.G.A. New Delhi. Currently Ms. Mala has been working with three school boards in Ontario, Canada. She also is Director of Canada India Academic Ventures (Arranging Faculty talks across the border) and Director for Progressive Education (Initiatives in Education for example Organizing the PESA competition in India for Asia Pacific) 

Registration Process

1. Pl. click the following link, fill and complete the form on or before August 24, 2017 by 04:00pm.


2. Selected candidates will be duly notified via email on or before Thursday, August 24, 2017 by 08:00pm.

3. Certificate of Merit/Participation: Successful participants will be issued with ‘Certificate of Merit’/ ‘Certificate of Participation’.

Dress Code

Dress Code for both the sessions is ‘Western/Indian Formals’.

Contact Person

Dr. Meenakshi Kaul,
Assistant Professor &
Head – Academic Initiatives,
Research and Publication Cell

Mr. Saurabh Chandra,
Assistant Professor &
Head – Administration,
Research and Publication Cell

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it