It is said that prior to Internet, getting information was limited and thus simple when compared with today’s means of acquiring information, especially Internet that exposes researchers or learners to seemingly insurmountable information. Neil McIntosh in his article titled ‘World Drowning in a Rising Sea of Information’ published by The Guardian on Saturday 1, November 2003 emphasised this point with the help of Research Study at the University of California, Berkeley that ‘…the amount of information being generated worldwide has increased by 30% each year since 1999, and that the amount being stored has doubled in that time. That means 800 megabytes of data- roughly equivalent to 800 books- was created for every man, woman and child in 2002’. Needless to say that the figure has gone beyond one’s imagination in present time. (Available online at

This takes our mind to the most important question, which relates with relevancy of material as well as authenticity of the source of information or information itself, an integral to quality research. The information stored on the Internet makes sense academically only when you are able to determine what you find is authentic and thus reliable and acceptable. To conlude, you need support in finding, analyzing and visualizing meaningful results in information available in the virtual world other than databases.


Sym-B-Hive team is driven by objective to assist learners in locating authentic sources with authentic information that too subjective wise in relation to Law and without loosing precious ‘time’. It indeed provides related information and link to the World’s Electronic Journals under following heads: General; Intellectual Property Laws; Family Law; Business Law; Medical Jurisprudence; International Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Entertainment and Media Law; Environmental Laws; Human Rights and Public Law; Information Technology Law; Jurisprudence; Law of the Sea; Constitutional Laws; Constructions/workers/Compensation Laws; Criminal Law; Privacy Laws; Comparative Laws; Gender Laws; Refugee Laws; Personal Laws; Philosophy and Science Journals; Taxation Laws; Industrial Law; Sports Law; Competition Law; Military Law.


Sym-B-Hive seeks to provide your assistance for academic research purpose only. Sym-B-Hive Team or Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA does not owe any responsibility for any use of this information, for purposes other than academic research.