Welcome to SLS-Noida's Monthly Moot!

Here's this Moot Problem of the Month:

July & August 2019 - Was the Right to Privacy of the residents of the Republic of Veronica violated by their Government in collusion with Phizbook and Oxford Analytica?

Once you have done your research and prepared your arguments, use the Tinysocials app to meet in groups of 4 for impromptu mooting.

Each time you do an impromptu moot, you will strengthen your arguments, and hive fresh questions from your group. Besides, it is a safe space where you can improve your speaking and arguing skills before you face larger audiences.

You have to use SLS-NOIDA's Tinysocials app to be able to do this with your peers. Incase you haven't, visit https://www.symlaw.edu.in/tinysocials and fill up the registration form.

If you're a beginner to mooting, check out this video made by the SLS-NOIDA Moot Court Society. If you'd like to explore further, get in touch with Prof. Megha who heads the Society.

Happy mooting, future lawyers!

Observers for August 2019:
Nikhil Naren (Batch 2015-20)
Mobile: +91 9958602228
Home: +91 9162008093
Rishabh Uppal (Batch 2017-22)
Mobile: +91 8708078903
Aman Shankar (Batch 2017-22)
Mobile: +91 9971100475