Welcome to SLS-Noida's Monthly Moot!

Each time you do an impromptu moot, you will strengthen your arguments, and hive fresh questions from your group. Besides, it is a safe space where you can improve your speaking and arguing skills before you face larger audiences.

Here's the Moot Problem of the Month:

September 2019 - Constitutional Law

  • Once you have done your research and prepared your arguments, use the Tinysocials app to meet in groups of 2 for impromptu mooting. You will also be joined by one of the observers listed below who will mentor you.
  • If you haven't registered for Tinysocials yet, please visit https://www.symlaw.edu.in/tinysocials and fill up the registration form to begin.
  • If you're a beginner to mooting, check out this video made by the SLS-NOIDA Moot Court Society. If you'd like to explore further, get in touch with Prof. Megha who heads the Society.

Observers for September 2019:

Harshil Wason (Batch 2017-22)
Mobile: +91 8448963419

Balram (Batch 2017-22)
Mobile: +91 8948490915

Raghav Dembla (Batch 2015-20)
Mobile: +91 8475079741

Akshita Upadhyay (Batch 2015-20)
WhatsApp: +91 96504 24080
Mobile: +91 8218728503

Aayush Shankar (Batch 2015-20)
Mobile: +91 8292817919

Happy mooting, future lawyers!