3rd NASCENT Moot Court Competition, 2013: March 09-10, 2013

Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA (hereinafter SLS-NOIDA) is a culture of knowledge and nurture. One of the various modes of transmuting novices to be smart professionals is mooting. Mooting is a process and an activity of debating or arguing a common hypothetical legal problem in a simulated courtroom environment. The activity demands prodigious efforts from the contestants/participants. The objective is to cultivate among the learners;

  • Legal Research skills
  • Legal Drafting skills
  • Legal Pleading skills

Moot Court Society

Moot Court Society of SLS-NOIDA (hereinafter MCS-SLSN) is a group comprised of patron, faculty, alumni or ex-mooters and students. For the learners at SLS-NOIDA, office of the MCS-SLSN is looking after every aspect of advocacy skills in all the following modes of competitions at all levels in internal selections and external preparation and competition rounds;

  • Moot court,
  • Mock trials,
  • Interviewing techniques and Client counseling,
  • Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation,
  • Judgment writing,
  • Legislation drafting,
  • Treaty appreciation,

Nascent Moot Court Competition


NASCENT is an opportunity to grow and present core advocacy skills, a platform exclusively for the first year learners at SLS-NOIDA. ‘NASCENT Moot Court Competition’ (hereinafter ‘NMCC’) is an ‘Internal Elimination’ round for the selection of first students to represent SLS-NOIDA in ‘External Moot Court Competitions’ (hereinafter ‘EMCC’). 3rd NASCENT MOOT is for the academic year March 2013 - April 2014.


The results of the 3rd NASCENT MOOT will display a result of 30 selected students. The selected lot shall be designated with ‘EMCC’ which include inter-collegiate moots that SLS-NOIDA will participate during March 2013-April 2014.


3rd NASCENT MOOT is notified to all the learners of Batch: 2012-17 at SLS-NOIDA. The rules stating the procedure, problem (fact) statement, schedule and deadlines are communicated through mail to all the learners, which must be complied with by all the contestants. The process comprises of;

  • Registration for ‘NMCC’
  • Submission of Memorials (for both sides)
  • Oral Pleading Round
  • Announcement of result
  • Teaming and Designation of Moots
  • Commencement of Training Program


CONTINGENT-IV (hereinafter ‘C-IV’) means group of students that will be selected out of all the candidates / participants / contestants of ‘NMCC’. Only selected candidates of the ‘C-IV’ will be given an opportunity to represent SLS-NOIDA in ‘EMCC’ during March 2013 – April 2014. MCS-SLSN is looking to select around 30 members {20 Pleaders and 10 Researchers} in ‘C-IV’ as notified, deficiency in meeting minimum standards of selection by the participants may further restrict the total members in ‘C-IV’.

It is expected to see around 80 teams to be registered on or before the schedule for the contest in ‘NMCC’. The oral pleading round will be presided / judged by the advocates of high repute and ex-mooter’s of Symbiosis Law School who continues to be part of various processes of national and international moots. The memorials will also be evaluated by the same bunch of learned alumni of Symbiosis from all across the country. So, by this way, the selection is purely meritorious and impartial and in the hands of the experts who are experienced in these exercise.


Mooting inculcates accurately the proper/desired advocacy skills amongst the practitioners. So every mooting is a kind of value addition to the skill of a budding lawyer and curriculum vitae of a learner. It is one of the primary factor(s) in good internship/placement of the learners at all levels. So, in a way mooting complements core academics.