Neha Sahgal (2014-19)

‘Don’t laugh like a hyena on the very first day’ that’s pretty much what my mother said right before I left for college, the very first day. 

As I left home and waited for my destination, the place that would probably be a synonym to life. A place that would mould me into, help me grow, make friends who I would take to my grave. Various thoughts and memories erupted inside of me, the hugs and blessings my loved ones showered me with as a precollege send off, the shopping trips, the waking up two hours before actually having to leave to decide what to wear.

As soon as I reached the very gates of symbiosis ,anxiety clutched every fibre in my body ,I looked around hoping to find a familiar face, trying to hold on to the memories of reaching school only to find friends all around. I just managed to push myself and enter the gates of the place that will decide my future.

In school everyone is someone, you are known, you have an identity, the identity which has been your second skin for the last 12 years.

The very idea that no one knew who NEHA SAHGAL was, terrified me. I felt like the 5 year old lost in the market, when suddenly a bright cheerful face welcomed me, and every bit of that anxiety seemed to vanish (note to self- find that senior and say thank you).

On reaching the moot court, I scanned through the entire place hoping to find someone who looks as crazy and loud as I am, and I found two idiots. After a month we are now inseparable.

Looking at the seniors and analysing which one seems the sweetest was our task of the day .And today I can say with absolute conviction that the ones I have spoken to are absolute sweethearts and they have even more hyena like laughs!!

An emotional roller coaster of a day, But a month in and I absolutely love it .The people, the teachers, the small funny habits people have .I am so glad symbiosis happened because nowhere I believe I would have found such retards who have already become an integral part of my life.

Neha Sahgal