Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor Of Arts And Bachelor Of Laws (B.A. LL.B.)

The close connection between social sciences and law hardly needs to be articulated. A lawyer needs to be conscious of the intricate and complex problems of the society. Our integrated Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law programme provides a deep insight into the historical perspective of the development of law, political factors influencing policies culminating into law and the intricate relationship between legislations and social problems. This Programme aims at creating socially sensitive sentinels of justice.

Bachelor Of Business Administration And Bachelor of Laws (B.B.A. LL.B.)

The use of the word ‘multi’ is indeed multiplying in today’s world, multi-nationals, multi-tasking, multi-dimensional, and why not multi-disciplinary? The sweeping changes in the global economic scenario have necessitated a strong demand for a breed of youngsters with the potential knowledge of law coupled with the core essentials of management and business to enhance productivity. With the object of catering to this demand unfolding before the students, and to enable them to explore these vistas of opportunities that lie ahead, we have commenced an integrated Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law degree programme (B.B.A LL.B). Here, we impart exhaustive knowledge to the students not only to survive but also to excel in an increasingly competitive world.

Post Graduate Programmes

Master Of Laws (LL.M.)

The highlight of this programme is its emphasis on an interdisciplinary, comparative and global approach in the study of law and research orientation. This is done by underlining the relevance of research methodology with utmost technical precision and scientific sophistication. The student has the option of a cafeteria approach in terms of specialisation, cross specialisation courses combining innovation, cutting edge legal acumen, clinical skills and theoretical insights.