Aparajit '20

Undefeated. Unconquered. Unbeaten.


At Aparajit, we celebrate Sports as a window where you can pour in your worry, your struggles, and your prejudices; a window that exists for a brief period, but in the moment of that sheer adrenaline rush between the time you enter the field, hear people cheer your name, bear the pressure and the time you are face to face with your goal, where your final shot brings you victory. We aim at to provide three days where you can come and show the world, the result of all the hard work you put into making yourself undefeatable, unconquerable and unbeatable.

At Aparajit, we take pride on providing a platform which understands the amount of diligence and devotion you put into your passion, the reason why we endeavour to bring forth the best amenities for our participants.

Aparajit started as a small agenda on a late afternoon coffee and tea session, when our alumni’s wanted to introduce the idea of a National Sports Fest that based its principles within our intra-college sports fest, “Invenio”. From Invenio to conducting three successful editions of Aparajit, we have come a long way, however the hunger to make a better sports fest every year shall always remain.


Aparajit 2017: The Undefeated:
As rookies in the sports fest fraternity, we were faced with the prospect of taking the road less travelled by, we were trying to implement what we believed as sportsperson are the integral requirements in any sports fest, along with our dedication, which was the keystone behind the success of Aparajit in its first edition. It was the birth of a legacy and we were keen on continuing it till our tenure.

Aparajit 2018: The Unconquered:
In our venture to provide a better sporting experience, the second edition of Aparajit laid the foundation to a successful collaboration with Symfiesta, the cultural fest of Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA, bringing a multi-dimensional perspective into our sports fest where our participants were encouraged to give their best throughout the day on the field, and by the evening they had access to let out the stress in the company of great music and food.

Aparajit 2019: The Unbeaten:
We built upon the philosophy of bringing forth the camaraderie between cultural and sporting experience through our collaboration with Symfiesta, in our third edition we introduced “Aparajit Night” on the last day of Symfiesta and Aparajit, and we had “When Chai met Toast” close the curtains for us where we all bid goodbye to yet another edition of Aparajit.


We have always given our devoted hours into making an even better version of Aparajit every time. We work on the principles of bringing our very best to the table, from your accommodation to your travel and your food, we try to carve the most comfortable situations for our participants because we value the time and effort you put into your talent, just as we are passionate about our sports fest, we put our efforts in the background to create a worthwhile show for you. Rest assured the last thing you have to worry about is being a beast on the playground, which we believe nothing will stop you from being.


"Aparajit'18 in words, was nothing but amazing. Team Aparajit puts impeccable efforts to make sure their participants are content and it is not just the team but the culture and crowd of Symbiosis Law School, Noida that comes together into making Aparajit what it is.
It is an overwhelming feeling to witness the director of SLSN putting so much care and concern providing each player a safe and healthy ambiance to celebrate the soul passion that we all bring in. Such dedication lacks in a lot of other colleges that we were priorly a participant of.
A special mention to Sanaa Krishan, who gave us generous help and care. The entire Aparajit experience was amazing and I wish the team luck for this year!"

Tushar Ahuja
J.S.S Academy of Technical Education, Noida

"The time I spent during the days of Aparajit 2018 were fun, you guys were very well prepared and arrangements were far more appealing. All the round started on time and everything was on schedule which made the playing condition ideal and gave good opportunity to play chess. The organizers were helpful, Sharmishtha Sharma and ParnikSaxena and their other team members really guided me and my team through the formalities. You guys co-ordinated everything well and kept us updated, so the overall experience was satisfactory."

Anchit Vyas.

“Aparajit is awesome and not just as an event, in ways where we are provided with an encouraging environment along with a professional set up, which is attractive to all of us participants. I have been to various other sports events organized by different colleges, but none of them were as satisfactory or as effectively executed as Aparajit. The hard work and support that Team Aparajit provides is utterly impressive. As a player, it is a big relief before stressful matches. The team working for Aparajit were extremely dependable and a dedicated background support, on their toes to solve any mid-event crisis easing it for their participants throughout the event. Lastly, I’d like to convey my gratitude for giving me and my team a well sought platform to showcase our passion at Aparajit’18.”

Parul Goswami,
Dyal Singh College.