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Orientations and Methodology

SLS, Noida is introducing a new era of innovative learning, inter-disciplinary knowledge and industrious environment with unique orientation and methodology of legal pedagogy in place. Classes are highly interactive, delivered not only by the best academicians but also by the legal luminaries of the field. It strongly believes that law students should stick not only to theoretical teaching but also inculcate and improve the court room etiquettes, research experience and advocacy skills through court room and related exercises such as moot court, mock trials, drafting of pleadings and client counseling. Research is an integral part of studies including interdisciplinary research involving collaboration between academic fraternity, students, and industry. SLS, Noida’s efforts are shared by the contribution of members of the bar and bench, corporate sector and international experts.

SLS, NOIDA created ‘Curiosity’ - a portal to entertain learner’s natural curiosities; they are our greatest teachers. Its various features include attendance; evaluations; notices - curricular, co-curricular activities & extracurricular and ‘The Library’. The Library is a powerful knowledge repository included with Curiosity wherein Faculty members and students may post teaching plans; course material; links to online articles, videos, sample question papers, or research reports for each other’s perusal. In The Library, everybody is a learner and everybody grows!

The Cumulative Grade Point Assessment (CGPA) method of assessment is followed. In addition to the constant internal assessments, external examination is conducted at the end of each semester. Internal evaluation is characterized by one project and minimum two of the above: Tutorial, Case Analysis, Cases and Open problems, Essays, Seminar Presentations, Viva-Voce, Quiz, Drafting, Moot Court, Mock Trial, Learning Logs/Diaries, Computer Based Assessment, Simulated Interviews, and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations.