Campus Life

Shikha Khurana (Batch 2014-19)

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Graduating from high school is one of the best days of a teenager’s life. With the excitement of the new experience of college days ahead of them, many high school graduates are looking forward to their future college lifestyle. However freshers don’t know what to expect when they get to college, and many are nervous or worried. I was among the latter.

Entering through the gate of Symbiosis, I remember a million things running on my mind. The idea of being a ‘’Fresher” was nerve racking. The basic worries of “fitting in”, making new friends all over again, and impressing the seniors were a few.

My heart was racing, palms were sweating, and I saw Dr. Chandrashekhar, our Director, standing absolutely straight, observing each and every fresher. To my horror, after I wished him good morning he tried to talk to me, asking me how I was, and I was there, standing dumbstruck. “First impression is the last impression”, that was one quote, I whole heartedly wished wasn’t true.

Moving on, I entered the moot court for the orientation. The feeling was similar to a scared rat out in the desert. I looked around with the mixed feelings of perplexity and joy, after which I realized that it’s really rude to stare too much. To my surprise, after getting seated, it hardly took me 10 minutes to socialize and interact with almost all the people around me. Dealing with all the kinds of people and adjusting accordingly is one thing that Symbiosis taught me right away. While attending the orientation, the realization began to set in that I am not just another student, but an individual with an inexhaustible amount of potential to become whatever I desire.

Both the days of the orientation initiated an amazing start to the next 5 years at Symbiosis Law School, Noida. I discovered the various facts about Symbiosis that no website can tell. The most special thing about Symbiosis is the student-faculty relationship. The very crucial attempt by our Director to keep the relationship closely knit is commendable and thoughtful, being the reason behind the sheer success of this Institute. Indeed Symbiosis is a family. Being a member of this family is a matter of luck, for me at least. I have the best batch mates and the best established learners with me who will always be there, who are always there to help, who are always there to guide me. As I look forward to spending 5 years of my life here, I aim at making the best of it.

Shikha Khurana