Campus Life

Urvashi Agrawal (Batch 2014-19)

And finally it was the day for a small town girl to leave the comforting shade of her mother's saree and enter into a completely different world. Along with clothes and grandma's ladoos, i had also packed my dreams, my parent's hopes, grandparents' blessings and siblings' love.. It wasn't easy for me to leave my family in tears. But I had to……. My parent's did not come with me to Noida, My uncle did……

And after a tiresome journey of 14 hours, i was standing in front of my future.. SYMBIOSIS LAW SCHOOL, NOIDA.. The place where i would be investing 5 years of my life.. The place which is going to be my support in turning my aspirations into reality. I stepped in with happiness, excitement, anxiety, and many more unexplainable feelings.. After being settled, i and my roommates talked to each other and some others who were around (many of them have become awesome friends by now).. And i found out that no matter where one has come from, the feelings were all the same......

And then next day was the much awaited 'Orientation Programme' for the 2014-19 batch, i.e our batch.. It was after the session only that I realised that law school does not only mean black and white clothes and books. It is much more than this. Be it the Debsoc, the Bohemians, the cultural society, the T&P cell or any of the other flower of the huge bouquet of opportunities we have as a member of the Symbiosis family. I realised that this place would make me the better Urvashi i can be..

Coming to the academic experience till now, i find the teachers very supportive, very kind and obviously of great learning. Each and every word of the lectures they deliver is praiseworthy.

And then it was time for the freshers' welcome party. It was great fun. I loved Atishay's idea of the FIFA theme.. We had a great time with our classmates as well as the established learners (my lovely mentors being Avi n Srijata) while the rehearsal. It was an amazing party..

Now again the academics are going on. I am learning something new every day. I am learning a great deal from the learned people who come for our guest lectures. I am very happy being here.. I am loving every single minute of being in Symbiosis..

Thank you.

Urvashi Agrawal