Campus Life

Prachi Nirwan, BA LL.B (Batch 2012-17)

With Madams flying high on stilettos, those lipstick-coated lips and dyed hairs and the manicures hands, the Sirs with their guitars on and spiked hairs and some nerds probably running around and me standing helpless midst them facing some wrangle or so , is what all I thought of any college like those silver screens showcased back in my childhood, the inception of such conception was right there since the beginning .Meanwhile sitting back in my father’s car running through the streets of Noida , the boulevard which seemed to be the highway over which I had to run alone and fight like that in the Jamaican fire, I thought how hard would be these five years, because leaving your own comfort zone like that of an infant coming out of his mother’s womb isn't easy as it seems to be.

This was the very perception I made while entering the college, but when I left the gates I could still remember the way we were welcomed by Director Sir, the faculty and established learners to our new abode which was so engaging that whole of my construed perception transposed at that very moment. The infrastructure was colossaas the hearts of the Symbians were! Symbiosis- the reason for the existence of such name stands unquestionable.

Here, at SLS- Noida we were taught that if the opportunities doesn't knock , build the door. We have brain in our heads, feet in our shoes we could beacon in the direction we chose, we are on our own nothing would be fed! Struggle , learn and grow is what Symbiosis taught us in this one year of time. Here learning is a never ending process, we learn how to grow as learning is a treasure that would follow its owner everywhere.

The life here is so amazing that you won’t ever realize how many miles you ran while chasing your dream here and this is the world where all the beautiful and bad things will happen in those upcoming five vivacious summers of your entire life. Live here, have fun because having fun means having fun with Symbiosis . Symbiosis in this one year taught me to strive to bring the best out of me , hitch my wagon to a star.

Prachi Nirwan