Campus Life

Dhairya Madan (Batch 2013-18)

It is the beginning of this article and so is this the beginning of a terrific five year life at SLS-N for everyone who is called Batch of 2014-19.

First of all, the people of this youngest batch need to be aware of a secret, which we all at SLS-N HAVE to know:
We all, no more, can be called as a naive of this state or that state, nor can we all be referred to as an alumni of this school or that school, we have our latest identity well established, which will leave us with our breath....we are purely Symbians!!!

To clarify things, you people are a part of the family, we joined last year!!! :D

Before I start elaborating on how my first year was or how I wanted it to be, let me first tell you about this concept of being a Law School and not a Law College.
Well, some of you might be having this question in your mind, Why a Law School and not a Law College?
Or some of you might just be complaining that I spent each and every single second of my “School Life” waiting for the I enter college and here I am in another “School.”

We all are in a Law School, which, after five years, will make us Professionals, and not Law Graduates. By the term professionals, I intend to a way of life rather than just another term used to denote everyone who has that “White collar job.”

Well, focusing on the topic, I have a simple thought. If I were to tell you everything about my first year in a sentence, then...
Guys, my first year was just a short n sweet introduction to the world that awaits me beyond the boundaries of our Law School.

Well, I am a Delhite and I somewhat realized this thing for the first time (not literally!!! :p).
I say this because at the end of the first sem I told one of my friends that SLS-N should be nicknamed “Mini-India.”
Well, just like our country, we have, probably the most diverse mix of learners, who belong to almost all parts of the Indian Sub-Continent.

But this has another side to it; everyone who is not a local is definitely going to relate to this.

Every learner who comes from a different part of the nation, will anyday be much more mature and trained than a localite. I realized this after observing my friends from all over the country.
They had those “teething problems”, so did I (a localite), but they dealt with all of that single handedly and thats what makes them the better people.

Just like them, all of our learners, who are from various parts of the country, might face these problems, but at the end of this all, you will grow to become a person, who can be defined in a single term-INDEPENDANT.

The next and the only topic I would discuss is, BREAKING THE ICE.
If you are getting what I mean, then read this,

Dear Junis,
We, are just a year senior to you, and are not made of ICE, so stop thinking so much, and come lets BREAK THE ICE (together)!!!
Much Love

Well, I hope that sums up everything about the socializing factor.
Well, just the last piece of my (mad) advice, forget what you WERE now its time to decide what you WILL BE!!!

Dhairya Madan