Campus Life

Eishani Behl (Batch 2013-18)

One year full of excitement, with opportunities to grow,
Made me a better person and gave my personality a glow,
Gone is all negativity, gone is all fear,
Looking forward to a better me, year after year.

It has been more than a year since I first entered SLS Noida and trust me every day I’ve spent here has been amazing so far. Looking back in time I see a bit nervous, a bit excited girl who was afraid, wondering what her life would be once she entered this institute full of unknown faces and about the new events and experiences this place had in store. But after one year, the changes have been amazing, the girl is now confident, those unknown faces have become friends for life, and every day there is something new, something exciting to look forward to.

Leaving the comfort of my home and entering a new city clearly meant a change in my life and lifestyle. This change was definitely not easy when I had to leave my home town, old friends and most importantly my parents. Life seemed to turn upside down all of a sudden and the very idea of leaving my room, living in a hostel and sharing the room with two unknown people was not something I even wanted to try. Whether my roommates would be friendly or not and how will the seniors behave were some of the random questions that kept spiralling in my mind. Luckily, the answer to every question that popped up in my mind was positive. Whether it was the warm welcome by our director at the time of admission or meeting new people from almost every state of India, attending new classes, living in a hostel, exploring nearby places and of course studying law, each and every thing added a whole new dimension to my life and contrary to what I was expecting, the seniors were very helpful and friendly and I actually started cherishing every moment here.

Life here is amazing, it is not just about studies, huge books, attending 3 lectures everyday and all legal stuff, but it goes way beyond that. The cultural fest, literary fests, moots, MUN, participations in external fests etc., the list is endless. This institute gives a lot of opportunities to grow, explore your inner talents follow your passions and hobbies and even helps to explore hidden talents. This institute has given me platform for everything I love, whether it is dancing, photography or writing and of course learning new things and exploring new interests is still in process. The best thing is that the life here is not monotonous and boring, whether it is Symphysis, our intra fest, Symfiesta, our first National fest or even the trip to SLS Pune for Symbhav ensured that we get a platform to showcase our talents and enjoy life fully. Life here is a perfect blend of studies and extracurricular activities.

This entire year has been a fun filled roller coaster ride with many ups and downs but every moment spent here has been amazing and has taught something that will help in future endeavours. Not only the big events that take place here but even small day to day activities like wearing the uniform , rushing for classes, meeting friends every day, sitting in the canteen and waiting for Wednesdays and Saturdays to wear casuals, everything makes each day special. Taking all the bitter sweet memories along I look forward to 4 more amazing years of my life and hope that they will be even more exciting and will create memories I will cherish for years to come.

Eishani Behl