Campus Life

Ambika, BA LL.B (Batch 2012-17)

Forty days since I added being a Symbian to my identity and forty days of believing that sky too is not the limit for ‘legal eagles’. Now that’s what we are taught here, at Symbiosis.

So far, my readings about the institution hint towards, ‘flexibility in firmness’ a characteristic that, in my opinion, is the reason for the balance that is maintained here so naturally. Unlike the conventional, we had a fresher’s party on one hand which facilitated interaction with our seniors, but, at the same time we are assured that we will face no discomfort on account of our seniors, and I take at most pride in saying that, ragging is a concept that I have only read about in the newspapers or have heard about from people, Symbiosis Law School, Noida, didn’t let me face that.

The uniform, we must wear here, four days a week, does not appear to be confining, it is in fact uniting, besides we have two days in a week when we can wear casuals and formals. It is what they say, getting ‘the best of both worlds’ without being Hannah Montana. Kidding. More seriously I am getting the best of every world that I will ever need to be a part of, in the legal profession. It is true, we aren’t allowed to be late for any lecture but where in life will that ever be permitted anyway? True there is a strict 75% attendance criteria but at the same time if I can’t even be present in school for three fourth of the working days, how can I expect this law school to turn me into the best ‘I’, I can be. I am certain that I am only learning to live, what life ahead hold for me and this is the reason, why, no matter how much I hate leaving my home at 7 a.m. to reach school by 9 a.m., I am still willing to do it for another 5 years.

Five years, that makes it half a decade, sounds long, but it doesn’t worry me anymore, because with the amount of tutorials, project work, interim submissions and exams we have, time is flying and will only fly faster as a graduate to the next level. Further, the above mentioned aren’t really herculean tasks because no learner here, is alone at it, the teaching faculty is not just a source of inundated knowledge but also a free flowing channel that is ever ready to impart us with knowledge.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam- The earth is but a family, is an ideology intrinsic to the very fabric of Symbiosis, and having come here, I am glad to have met the other members of this family from across the length and breadth of my country.

PS: The term ‘school’, and not ‘college’, has been intentionally used in the above text. Na, it’s not an error but a reminder that it is Symbiosis Law SCHOOL, not college.