Campus Life

Madhusmita Deept, BBA LL.B (Batch 2012-17)

The name “Symbiosis” keens no introduction. So it’s nearly impossible for me to recall how I came to know about it. But I know this much that it’s a dream come true for very few of the fortunate ones, like me. This is how my reverie started to come true in Symbiosis Law School.

So, it started with a smile gifted to us on our orientation. The loads of information on the different cells in the college and the discussion of the teaching plans acquainted us with its professionalism. It was time for the much awaited “freshers celebration” for this year. The theme “Glam Your Name” showcased many innovations from “Lady Gaga” to “Laden”. Groups of the same horoscope performed from classical rap, parody dance to funky dramas. The official ragging made people where dhoti whereas the DJ, Dance and Dinner were the icing on the cake.

The ASCENT moot court competition gave us a great opportunity to witness court room scenario in just the first month of the college. The guest lectures and the long hours of workshops on “The Legal Databases” had with it both, learning and fun. Extension lecture series are something very useful in imparting knowledge beyond our syllabus. Independence Day celebration was not only restricted to the tricolour hosting but it also gave us the “Wake Up” call through its dance and drama.

But the best phase is the daily life at college which includes ninety minutes lectures, projects, tutorials, Wi-Fi, blocked YouTube and canteens chilly potato. Running every morning for breakfast, getting late for classes and missing attendance has its own thrill.

In just fifty days SLS Noida has added an eighth colour to the rainbow of our lives. It brought us to a life anew with its warmth of a family, following its motto “Vasudev Kutumbakam”. Its neither our second home nor a home away from home, it’s “Our Home”. Everyday SLS Noida conveys to us the message: Don’t tell the sky is the limit, there are footprints even on the moon”.

The Journey….

The beginning of our next five years
In SLS Noida with our peers
Has started with learning, thrill and fun
And will end as an unforgettable one.

The experience and teachings of a life time
Through the ladder we’ll climb
Shouldn’t be assumed
Rather learnt as we are groomed.

Symbiosis Law School, Noida
Will keep adding colours to our vida
With every new breaking dawn
I’m sure this journey will forever be pondered upon.

Madhusmita Deept