Campus Life

Palak Srivastava, BBA LL.B (Batch 2010-15)

Rush dude it’s 10:05….. Else we are not gonna get entry guys…

This is how our day begins at Symbiosis Law School NOIDA, hard to face but true even if you are late by 5 minutes for your class and our Director sir is always there to welcome us in a very calm voice with a smile J ‘You are too early for the next Lecture’! Though it might look very harsh but trust me it’s a place which can teach you how to manage a plan to hang out with friends between the dates of memorial submissions, assignment submission, tutorials & attendance issues. In a way, it makes you a true professional. I really feel it is a college which truly lives like a family and where everyone is so easily accessible with faculties always ready to help 24 x 7.

The best part of SLS NOIDA is that you get rewarded for your work in a very interesting way. Research paper selection means a trip sponsored by college. Such an incentive really gives you a feeling of achievement. One of the most interesting areas of our college is the library. I know it sounds contradictory but trust me, since 3/4th of the population comes there either to access Facebook or to sleep so it’s really interesting to see how they hide their faces behind D.D. Basu’s Commentary and manage to sleep. They sit at the round table conference in the library and deliberate over all the upcoming competitions and most importantly the movie to be released in the upcoming week.

Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA is a place where the faculty scolds you when you break the rules, shine with pride when you succeed, has faith in you even when you fail and make you try again when you fall…!

Palak Srivastava