Campus Life

Prayank Jain, BA LL.B (Batch 2012-17)

Came class XIIth, I figured that a lawyer was what I wanted to be. In my research about it as a career option, I got to know about law schools, their advanced curriculum and a completely new life they provided. I was taken away by law, and kick started my preparation.

Then came July 2nd, the day of orientation at Symbiosis Law School, Noida. Dressed in spic and span formals, I went with some doubts, whether it was the right place, where I would like to invest my next five years.

It all started with Director Sir’s welcome. I was very impressed by his thoughts, positivity and personality. There were presentations by various cells like the Training and Placement cell, Research cell, cultural society, etc. SLS Noida was a hub of continuous activity and it surely seemed promising.

My criteria of a suitable law school were greatly matched in the coming weeks. This place had a hell lot of opportunities in diverse dimensions of life. The faculty was highly knowledgeable, interactive and cool. They made the subjects very interesting; created a constructive environment in the class. The crowd was good and I had made some really great friends. This institution encouraged initiatives and believed in its students.

I was very happy. What more did I want, a beautiful building, good infrastructure and luminaries coming for guest lecture every week! SLS Noida had passed its test and now, it was my time to learn and grow.

Law school started for me and I began to develop my interest in the subjects and make new friends. When it comes to friends, it directly comes to my seniors. Wow! They were real cool, friendly and approachable. My notions of a junior – senior thing were simply gone, as this campus is free from ragging. Nevertheless, I got to know my seniors, friendships blossomed (literally) and it’s their experience that now usually guides me. The fresher’s party was fabulous. We all performed, there was a DJ, unlimited dancing and great food.

It’s been just a month now, and I already see myself playing a role in the big process. Something tells me, that I am in the right direction towards becoming a lawyer. And mates, I can say this with a smile, ‘That law school has happened to me.’

Prayank Jain