Campus Life

Rishika Sugandh, BBA LL.B (Batch 2011-16)

Life expounded with boundaries of new experiences after entering Symbiosis Noida. The journey and life here is little indescribable but still I’ll try to pen down my life spent here…………

It was too excitable and nervous while entering the college, with an absolute new crowd. But it could not have been even better. My felicity rose higher and higher day and day exploring new law books of the library and amazingly interesting lecture. The field which we are in was often termed as too boring by lay-man, tough by our other friends. But this scary subject has made us complete our 1 year of journey yet it’s a starting. Life here is never fumbling with thick books or complicated future. It is not about how to struggle for anything. Right from moot courts to research papers every single aspect of the law school life is dealt so easily, systematically with friendly teachers. Every opportunities has been equally welcomed, every talent has been duly respected be it a cultural fest or a national seminar.

And what else do we need that apart from those outside exposure we were among those lucky law students who get those experience at our home-by getting lectures by top lawyers, top law consultants from India and outside India at our college campus itself. Our college recognises an overall grooming and that what it focuses upon.

What else does one expect from its life if one’s college life is so well handled? The journey is long and we are too excited. All we need is the same support and presence of our Director Sir and all our teachers.

Proud to be a Symbian!

Rishika Sugandh