Campus Life

Ayushi Harsh, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division A (2011-16)

Life has no smooth road for any of us; and in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim the very roughness stimulates the climber to steadier steps, till the legend, over steep ways to the stars, fulfills itself. This is what life at Symbiosis Law School all about. When I first entered the campus, it felt as if a dream had come true. I felt proud of being a part of this prestigious university, but less I had known that being a law student is not that easy.

When we all were still struggling to adjust ourselves in our new life and getting used to the new beginning, we realized that the road we have taken is not that smooth. The first thing was introduction to our Director, our administration, faculty and seniors. Continuing the process, we were introduced to our subjects, timetable and study material. Most of us were not happy with our subjects like history and sociology, being very boring. And the idea of each class of ninety minutes didn’t strike us very positively.

But it wasn’t all about classes, law and our subjects. The fresher’s party or the ice breaking session was the first introduction to the full on fun and enthusiasm of college life. This continues with canteen treats, bunking of lectures, continuous debates and arguments, the Chinese and south Indian afternoon meals, and photo sessions and Facebook chats, leg pulling of friends and a lot of happiness and laughter in the atmosphere. The induction ceremony formally introduced us to the one of the premier law colleges in the country, where intellect, discipline, academic excellence and leadership are encouraged in its students. And obviously the opportunity to meet honorable senior advocate Mr. Ram Jethmalani, and the top management of the university, was something none of us would ever forget. That day each one of us was proud to be a Symbian.

Opportunities make us successful. They are not only a learning experience but also boosts our own skills and confidence. Fortunately, our law college provides ample opportunities to us, as to learn and improve our skills as budding lawyers. Our director and faculty together strive to provide us with ample opportunities, so as to improve knowledge, our innovative skills and learn to work in an industrious environment. This includes everything from, participating in MUN’S, going for moot court competitions, environmental meets, or research meets. Not just the competitions, but a lot of exposure is given through guest lectures by legal luminaries of their field. The project works, class presentations, and assignments provide the students all the more opportunities to improvise their skills.

The description of life at Symbiosis is incomplete if I don’t mention about my friends and colleagues. Leaving school and classmates was very tough. I was least expecting the same kind of emotional bonding and support from my college colleagues. But least I knew that I will meet some of the best people here. We not only shared the nervousness of entering into a new life, but also bonded well together due to this. Students here come from different parts of the country. They have different beliefs, thinking, culture and background. But what bonded us well was the passion and commitment we all shared towards ourselves and our college. After all we all were now considered as one; one group of budding lawyers, sharing same profession and compassion.

I mentioned that road of symbiosis and law as a profession is not so easy to walk on. Struggles and downfalls are bound to occur. But then what is the fun in fulfilling our dreams, until we face some obstacles on our way. Symbiosis taught me to have confidence in my vision and dreams, to work hard and never say no to learning and knowledge. Our interaction with luminaries of legal field and our professors whom we consider as our mentors give us the motivation to strive hard to succeed in whatever we do. We all got an aim, to fulfill and live for.

Hence the experience of being a Symbian is not only about being a law student, but also to improve our quality of thinking and overall perspective about life, people and us. Here we are taught to be proud of our individualism and our dreams, and not to fear taking chances and dreaming more.

As expressed by... Ayushi Harsh, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division A (2011-16)