Campus Life

Kathakali Bose, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division A (2011-16)

Friends, frolic, law and loads of compulsory attendances, this is SLS Noida- my second home. Be it our heavily loaded library, our ever loaded computer lab to our continuously buzzing canteen, they all proclaim it loud, being in this college is indeed a "big deal". The air within smells of sheer professionalism. Right from the very first day, the setting instills in us the skill and maturity to face the future world.

Co-curricular activities form an important part in the five year plan of grooming a novice to a learned lawyer of the days to come. The various cells consisting departments of culture, MUN, moot, sport, placement etc. act extremely instrumental in bringing out our inner mettle and polishing it to a shine. Getting into some serious talks, the cold looks of terror by Salim Sir, "Are you all comfortable?" by Director sir, gags cracked by Sir Thomas, innovative methods of interactive learning by Shailja Ma’am, intense but super interesting classes of Pooja Ma’am add that extra sauce to our platter of serious law school studies.

It has been just a month in this new home of ours, and the sudden conglomeration of events made this journey of thirty days super excitedly awesome. NDTV shows, Big Fights, guest lectures, interactive seminars; it’s a whole new world welcoming the future legal hawks of tomorrow with open arms. My days in North has shown me a whole lot of transition, from tag-line t-shirts to pressed button downed shirts, converse to Florsheim, chemistry to the Constitution, Kolkata to Noida, school to college, a change that has made it all topsy turfy yet the ones which i cherish the most.

As expressed by... Kathakali Bose, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division A (2011-16)