Campus Life

Falguni Rambhasha, BBA LL.B, Semester I, Division A (2011-16)

This was my excitement level when I got to know that I am soon going to be a part of an esteemed College- Symbiosis Law School, Noida. Yes.. I was on Cloud 9 …

On the First day, when i was standing at the College Gate.. I was Awestruck by the exquisiteness and serenity of the campus, which was huge and which stood proudly Amidst the Blue sky, promising us of an astounding 5 years.

As Soon as I entered.. I felt the warmness and vigor from the campus, I was as eager to be in the my seniors were to welcome us .. Being the Second Batch we were in the Limelight .. We were showered with opportunities from the second day itself from NDTV Shows to Environmental seminars where High profile judges from different Countries had come and also the Extensive Guest Lecture Series every Saturday which always inspires and motivates us to Dream Big.

Fresher Day aka Mismatch day was another memorable day for u. We had to dress up in mismatch attire, which when we heard sounded weird but when we actually had worn our mismatched attire, we looked stunning (but there were some exceptions). Seniors had come up with lot of events. The Ice Breaking Session was one of them in which the juniors were divided into twelve groups according to the months in which they were born and every group was accompanied by a senior .Some danced, some sang, some acted and all was equally entertaining. There was a DJ session which raised our heart in Melody compelling us to plunge into the waves of groove.

Coming to Academics, Our Director who is a friend, a guide and a philosopher Sir Chandreshekar Rawandale, he is person who is always ready to assist us on any problem of ours be in academics or personal. His one liner “Are You All Comfortable?” really makes us all feel comfortable and important and sweeps away our tiredness just like a tiny dewdrop that awakens the earth from its sleep. The faculty is good. 90 minutes classes pass away in a blink of an eye and this is possible only because of the dedication of the Teachers... or in other cases our mobile phones do that job.. ;) but in the end the classes are worth attending.. one just cannot miss them..

Its been a month, 31 days....time is flying away…yes it is...but for me everyday of college is like a New Sunrise…a rise which would make rest of my life bright and beautiful.

Proud to be a Symbian!!

As expressed by... Falguni Rambhasha, BBA LL.B, Semester I, Division A (2011-16)