Campus Life

Aman Verma, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division E (2011-16)

1st July 2011 sowed a life in many intrigued, dormant argumentative Indians with the advent of the 2nd session at Symbiosis Law School, Noida. No sooner was the City Centre metro station bustling with early concocted students and business men, than were the societies’ supervisors at college. Orientations, preparation of CV’s, introductory lectures; time when we were developing a hang of the college, banged in the fresher’s party. A party that left us all befuddled, that displayed the talent of acclaimed bathroom singers to ballroom dancers, from anyone to everyone, it turned out to be a blast. But, somewhere something lacked which made everyone feel a little incomplete. And then entered Salim sir, his couplets paved way for a “mehfil” later complemented by Chandrashekhar Sir’s snapshot of his life in the form of Kishore Kumar songs. An overwhelming moment that would definitely be cherished by the Symbiosis family for a long, long time.

The first few days made us work with our seniors, and it was in those days that the foundation of some unbreakable ties was laid. I have completed one month and the experience has been profound. However one such experience that stands out is when I went for the two NDTV shows, it’s not before or during the show, but what happens afterwards that forms a part of memories. Dinner at a restaurant cum shack, flavoured milk at Keventer’s, stroll in the corridors of Connaught Place remain etched in my memory.

Apart from the camaraderie and the fun linked with it, law has not just been a subject but a curiosity, all thanks to our teachers. A month has not been enough to understand this newly developed relationship with Symbiosis, however it instills in me a faith that yeah, we shall go a long way together.

As expressed by... Aman Verma, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division E (2011-16)