Campus Life

Jayashree Parihaar, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division E (2011-16)

Well, to start with there couldn’t have been a more memorable and thrilling day. Before the ice breaking session aka the official fresher’s party- who would have thought that it would have turned out the way it did. Let’s rewind our minds and days a little bit to the time when the ice breaking session’s theme was given to us; “MISMATCH”. All my classmates befuddled to say the least after listening to this theme, most of us were very vocal with our suspicions about the event actually having ‘ragging’ undertones to it. As the seniors would have looked pretty in the traditional attire than us looking hideous in our mismatch! Even before we left the room we had let our imaginations run wild, though we still had some inhibitions. This remained unanswered till probably the last day for most of us. Then to add on to the spice, we had to showcase our talent, this was done by dividing us into groups on the basis of the month in which we were born in. The interaction was a blessing in disguise since being with the seniors and getting to know them did wonders to calm our nerves. Like every other group, our group also thought to give it all we had, as first impression is the last impression in this case and truthfully, privately we did not want our performances to become something our future ‘middle names’ were to be derived from. We stayed back and practiced for a couple of days to give it our best even when we had very little time to prepare.

Before we could say ‘Symbioisis’, the celebration day had arrived. Well as soon as I reached the college, I just couldn’t get out of the car! It was like a nightmare. But then I took a deep breath and collected all the courage I had in me and stepped out of my car. Then, as I was walking towards the entrance i wanted no one to see me dressed up the way I did; but when I saw the guy in boxers over his pants, I felt I was not alone in the line of disasters. That was a relief in itself! I looked around and saw that people had actually worked hard to be mismatched. There was for instance girl wearing a red dress and traditional Indian jewelry with it, the guy wearing half shirt – half t-shirt, a dress with chappals, saree with a tie, formal shirt with shorts, cool casuals with super hot pink heels were the few eye catching get ups. Then, the program began with the play which was performed by our seniors-“Silence! The Court is in Session”. I felt that the play was quite interesting, but the thing I cant forget, is the speech which Aadya delivered towards the end of the play, it was so sad and touching that I had goose bumps on my arms. It was followed by the dance and the band performances by our seniors for us, this loosened us up and made the environment peppier and more happening! Our seniors had set such high standards for us that we got very nervous. Now was the time that our seniors could have a good laugh or maybe it was our payback time!

Then began "Symbiosis got talent". It started of with the month of January (which was how we were grouped) and went on and on for the next 11 months. When I was looking at the performances, I could see so much of confidence and innovation in each act. Plus each and every student made his or her presence quite evident. From remake of Ramayan- to Sunny Deol and Osama-everyone rocked! It will be a shame if I forget the most integral and unforgettable part of the whole, which was coolest speech I’ve never heard from any person in my entire life. It was the speech given by our amazing Director! He started by saying, I shall share my experience in college times with you, and I thought that it will be like those old, same and monotonous speeches given by every other person, in which the only good part is that is ENDS. But here when Dr.C.J. Rawandale started expressing his experiences in college with referring to a song for each phase, everyone was spellbound. He was interacting with us as if he was one of us, but the only sad part about this speech was that it ended. Then came the “triple S”; whose praises and entertainment value, we have been hearing from our seniors, i.e. SALIM SIR’S SHER. But the sad part is that he just recited one sher. We all love you sir. Then towards the end, the DJ made us fall in love with him or maybe it was just the whole atmosphere which was so enthralling. We danced, danced and danced, it was hot but that didn't bother us and no one stopped. Then the much awaited thing followed- the declaration of the titles. There were titles like Mr. and Ms Disaster Management, Dressed to kill, Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. and Ms. Mismatch. They were given to the people who stood out in the crowd in accordance to what they were wearing and how they had performed. A guy wearing a lungi and a t-shirt got the title ‘hadd hi ho gayi’, the guy wearing a kurta and shorts got Mr. Mismatch and the stupid girl(me) who wore the graduation gown on the fresher’s got Ms. Mismatch.

In the end, I would like to say that we got a lot more than we could ever imagine! It was the first ice breaking session in the history of Symbiosis Law School, Noida : and it was a day which we freshers can never forget!

P.S ( for the people who did not come) - it was an education in itself

As expressed by... Jayashree Parihaar, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division E (2011-16)