Campus Life

Swati Singh, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division E (2011-16)

Mismatch.., the theme for our ice breaking session made more sense to me once I entered the college and saw my batch mates in the attires they sported. It was strange how the theme which was a headache till yesterday became an adventure just in a moment. The official ragging turned out to be quite an experience but in the most positive of the senses. It was remarkable how our seniors thought of such a theme which would bring out how a group of such varying people who are otherwise so “mismatched” come together to form a unit and find belongingness in an institute.

9th July, the rendezvous of legal eagles in Symbiosis Law School, Noida was definitely one of the most rocking parties ever. With an awesome cultural program prepared by the seniors, it gives me immense pleasure and pride to say that I belong to an institute which has real good talent, followed by a delicious meal of Chinese cuisines then the unforgettable ice breaking session( the performances were worth IIFA if not Oscar ) and to top up the cake with cherry there was the D.J session which lasted long enough for us to have the rhythm and beats on the journey back home BUT the highlight of the day was undoubtedly Director sir’s narration medley it was out of the world partly because of the fact that we did not expect it but mainly because he could have easily qualified as a professional( definitely worth our Oscar).

Coming to my personal experience of the ice breaker session, it was exactly what it was supposed to be- ICE BREAKING. Because of it, I made acquaintances (quite a lot of them indeed). We are privileged beyond doubt that we have such interactive and helpful seniors. Throughout the preparation of the program, our seniors were so appreciative and encouraging that we did adapt so soon to everything and everyone, and are now definitely over the jitters about the new college, new life, new friends and the new SHINE, here I come to the point when I have to justify the title of my article the new shine… like every other girl in the college that day who wanted to be appreciated for what she was wearing I was no different and I was indeed appreciated in the form of the title I got ( the best one for me, very appropriate, if I must say) LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE for which I really put in a lot of efforts after all, but I do have a few people to thank for that too.

I hope that one day we could stand up to the standards of the great work and trust which our management and faculty with the help of our seniors have vested in us.

P.S : Proud to be a Symbian.

As expressed by... Swati Singh, BA LL.B, Semester I, Division E (2011-16)