Campus Life

Aditya Pandey, BBA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)

Deboarding at Noida City Centre, I went down the stairs with an excitement for my interview, I said to the auto-driver “Bhaiya, Symbiosis Law School chalna hai.” He had a big question mark over his face, so I had to Google the address on my phone because no one had heard of it.

I reached outside the college gates from where it seemed like a beautiful bride getting ready for marriage with a little make-up left, I went inside, it had beautiful long classy halls and five star infrastructure. Then came the day for the commencement of my classes. First time I entered the class, I saw the projector on, my jurisprudence teacher explaining with enthusiasm and the students having the hunger to learn.

It has been a few months and all the teachers are now my mentors and those students my buddies, and now the auto-driver knows what is Symbiosis and the whole North India knows that Symbiosis International University Pune has spread its broad wings to Noida.

Our college may be new but the achievement list increases as each day passes and when my Director says “we are not competing with anyone”, he is totally correct because we are in our own league. We are here to excel, we have healthy competition amongst ourselves and we are learning something new from each other every day. This college is the fortress of our dreams, that enthusiasm is not decreasing rather reaching new heights, the adrenaline levels are increasing and Symbians are making history.

Now talking about our fortress, it is located very well in Noida with touching distance from Delhi and Ghaziabad. We have every facility that a student needs to excel and when our hostel and the eye raising Moot court hall will be complete, then all our immediate objectives will be fulfilled. The teaching faculty is very helpful in mentoring us and college has become our second home. The unusual romance with it doesn't end because we have teachers helping us till late evenings. The projects and those interactive Group Discussion are fun and make a lazy person like me work out of my skin.

I just cannot stop writing about my college but at the end, i would just like to say, "Be wise, Be with Symbiosis Law School, Noida".

As expressed by... Aditya Pandey, BBA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)