Campus Life

Apoorva Banda, BBA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)

Fifteen Hundred Kilometers away from my hometown, I have found a place which I would call the next best place to live in! All thanks to my college, the reason of my being here. I come from Hyderabad, and yes, truly, I am what people would call me, a conservative South Indian. I still remember the day I attended the interview. There was only one thing which was going on in my head then. My future after spending five years of my student life here! The only thought gave me a hope which made me wait for the date of admission and enroll myself here. The first day of college, when my parents were leaving for Hyderabad, I was going to start a new life! The first class we had was an introductory class about the standards set apart by the Symbiosis Educational Institutions all across the World. These words coming from my Director made me realize that I took a right decision and I was in the right place to mould myself in the next five years. Our Director is a man of genuine concern and total commitment. Before the beginning of every class, he would just ask everyone “Are we all comfortable?” and that breaks the tension of the class to a mood of light humor. I still remember the first class when he told us that “We are next to none! We shall all strive for the success of this Campus!” His use of the word ‘We’ gives us a feel of us being a part of Symbiosis family.

Similarly every teacher has something to offer, beyond those boring academic lectures. Our English Prof would talk about how she left her law profession for teaching because she realized that it was not her cup of tea. Our Business Sir would talk about how he has done his research papers and the appreciations he got from The IIM for the same. The teachers are genuinely interested in everything, be it an MUN lined up or a Rock band performance, and be it a Debate competition or a Football Match. They are always there, helping us, guiding us, rectifying our mistakes in a subtle way and finally cheering us for our success. Everything is possible with their help, be it completion of course on time or the ultimate success of the campus.

I still remember the fashion show conducted in my Middle school, depicting the various styles of traditional costumes worn by people all over India. It was India as a whole in its true essence on the stage which is the reason I still remember it. I have a similar experience in the college. I have friends, who are from all the parts of the country and speak in different languages. All thanks to them that I am not the same conservative person who does not know how to talk in Hindi anymore. They make me feel better when I miss home and bear with me when I ask them to translate every second sentence of theirs spoken in Hindi.

All through this, I have realized and learnt one thing that I am growing as an individual everyday. I have learnt how to manage things and I can see myself as an independent person after 5 years, which would not have been the same without this college. Thank you Symbi! I owe you one!!

As expressed by... Apoorva Banda, BBA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)