Campus Life

Ayan Das, BA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)

When placed in the environs that revolve around the values of friendship, camaraderie, trust, development- all coupled with an effective and holistic learning, you know you’re going down the right roads. Here at SLS Noida, right from its very inception, we have been groomed on the right way of learning. It’s not the destination that should solely rule our lives. It’s also the journey that counts. And that is what SLS Noida has taught us.

To truly be able to value cherish a success, it is required to look back into the steps we had to take and think about how each turn helped us in finding the right direction. Studying in a law school with a Director like Mr Chandrashekhar Rawandale, it is incredible to see how there is not a single voice that goes unheard. His candid and grounded attitude makes it difficult for even the most timid soul to truly communicate with him. Like his motto which he calls “buddy-learning”, more than being led through the way, we go together, hand in hand; helping each other out in a trouble or misery. And bonds like these are hard to break.

Coming here was the right decision as it enhanced my voice about a world a little more than it was before. I have always appreciated the things that have the ability to make one stop and wonder. The bonds that I found here are one of them. And I know for a fact that, years from now, when I get to a point in life when I have achieved what I have deserved, I’ll look back at my life here, I know I will have a smile on my face that will speak volumes that no words can convey…

As expressed by... Ayan Das, BA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)