Campus Life

Jaideep Sood, BA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)

Walking down an alley, turning right, I see four large pillars and a big glass door. They appear calm, yet lively. Yes, this was my first day at Symbiosis Law School, Noida. This campus has embraced me. It has given me an identity. A lot has changed since I came to this law school. The last 4 months have been full of learning and activities. The college at the very start has left a mark in the country. Various MUN’s and college fests have encouraged the students to be a part of the various activities.

Well, coming from a city like Mumbai had various difficulties and adjustment problems. The only place I found solace was this campus. The faculty has been like family. Our very dear Director sir has always been a fatherly figure for me, and more than that a trustworthy friend. Students are of variety here, but one thing in common is that we are all “Learners”. Friends at Symbi are wonderful, they care and are family. I guess people I have met at Symbiosis Law School; Noida will be with me forever. We, here at Symbiosis Law School, Noida, believe in sharing our knowledge. We have seen our Infrastructure grow and get better every moving week. The cafeteria and I have built a very healthy metaphysical relationship as I spend most of my time there.

Symbiosis Law School Noida is not my college, but my home, and will be for the next 5 years of my youth. I personally feel obliged to be a part of this wonderful family.

As expressed by... Jaideep Sood, BA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)