Campus Life

Purvasha, BA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)

"Good days are to be gathered like grapes, to be trodden and bottled into wine and kept for age to sip at ease beside the fire. If the traveller has vintaged well, he need trouble to wander no longer; the ruby moments glow in his glass at will." - Freya Stark

Passing out from school and starting a new life, a new phase which everyone says “college” gives us an identity of being an adult and provides us with much more freedom.

The date has not escaped my memory. It was 23rd December when I started the next part of my “adventurous” life journey called College.

RING RING…not another forwarded message, I thought as my cell phone vibrated. I checked and realised it was an alarm call. It was 6 AM. My God, it was my first day at college.I got up and after hours of mulling on what to wear; I was ready to hit the road that led me to my college. It was a different feeling all together, remembering my first day at school where I went with a smile on my face to see something new & exciting, my emotions this time were mixed. It was a mixture of nervousness & excitement, previous one for about how it’s going to go, how would my classmates be, will I make friends? And the latter one was on the college being my second abode for the next 5 years. I fell in love with the campus, landed up talking to a girl to help me reach my class, later realised she was my class mate.

On entering the class, I saw many new faces, I joined late, realised it seeing the little groups that were already formed in the class. Sat on the second bench and found that the students were helpful, they made me see what all had I missed. The students came from varied places, had different dressing sense, different in everything. It took me time to actually make out the similarities as observing was my habit. Now coming to the faculty, the first class I attended was Jurisprudence, it was difficult for me to grab what was going on in the class as I had missed a lot, so I struggled to understand.

Then happened our 2nd class for that day, English, where Ms Shailja got me introduced to the class and made me comfortable in this new environment after which we had our break. The break made me see the corridors filled with students of other classes as well and the canteen which had people who were smiling as if welcoming me, I saw it as positive note to this new beginning. The last class that day as I clearly remember was taken by our Director sir Mr. C J Rawandale for whom I fondly developed a sense of admiration, his way of teaching was better than anyone I had ever seen, his way of interacting with the students and his sense of humour was the element which made me like Torts even more.

The life at my college is such that it will never go out of the list of my fondest memories. My first day signified the beginning of my career goals.

As expressed by... Purvasha, BA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)