Campus Life

Swati Sharma, BBA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)

Dec 6, 2010- the day Delhi-NCR first witnessed the Symbiosis Law School flag fluttering in the north of India and so did we. I still remember the gleam and respect in the eyes of the 150 students upon seeing their new home as SLS, Noida officially set its foot into the legal world to give a new shape and new definition to this profession. Combine adroitness, a vibrant campus and acuity, top it up with zeal, energy, serenity and hospitality and you know you would be talking about SLS, Noida. 4 months have passed and I can’t recall 4 better months of my life. A lot has changed and yet a lot is still the same. What has changed is the persona and perspective of each individual here. The hunger to learn, the determination to prove yourself, the ability to stand out from the crowd is what SLS teaches you. It feels that all good things seem to happen to you while you are a part of this family. What has not changed is the energy of the young law aspirants, the loving professor-student relationship and the dream of each soul here to make SLS, Noida the best law college anyone has ever seen. With a Director like Dr. C.J. Rawandale and an unmatched and dedicated faculty like ours, SLS, Noida does not believe in “manufacturing” lawyers but aims at grooming every individual into a “distinctive professional”.

Words fail when I try to explain what each of us here feels about this organization. It can only been be seen in the eyes of every individual. I could never imagine a law college better than this. Every day here has something new to offer. Talking to a professor is like talking to your ‘buddy’. Professors just don’t teach, rather they build a quality in us with every word they share. People say that college becomes your second home once you are a part of it. I would say SLS, Noida makes you feel more comfortable than your actual home.

I still remember the words once said by our director, "When you need us we don’t feel that a student is in trouble and needs our help, we feel that a family member requires a little assistance from his family members." These were not mere words. SLS, Noida a.k.a. my family has proved this right with every passing second. I feel fortunate to be a part of this organization and shall all remain a proud member of this family. Love you Symbi!

As expressed by... Swati Sharma, BBA LL.B - Semester III (2010-15)