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Certificate Course on Law and Public Policy - LEX POLICY - Rethinking Rules, Regulations and the Republic: March 22-24, 2019


We are delighted to inform your good self that Research and Publication Cell in association with Centre for Civil Society will offer a Certificate Course in Law and Public Policy namely Lex Policy on March 22 – 24, 2019 at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA.

About Lex Policy

Lex policy is a certificate course in law and public policy. The course will explore the various ways in which the constitution remains the fundamental determinant of government policy, and what implications it has had on India's policy success and failures.

About The Program

Today, the Constitution is often used as an instrument for progressive change, or seen as an aspirational document of what the State should be. While it is both of them in limited capacities, it's fundamental role is to pose a set of constraints--to establish separation of powers, a system of checks and balances and to constrain the scope of legislation, among other things.

The document has been remarkable in ensuring peaceful transitions of power, protection of linguistic minorities, women's and dalits' rights and in constraining majoritarianism. At the same time, government policy has shaped its interpretation in such a way that it has failed to effectively constrain the State from intervening in citizens' lives. The Indian state's long conflict with individual liberties is manifest in constitutional cases like Champakam Dorairajan (1951), Golaknath (1967), Kesavananda Bharati(1973) and Justice K. S. Puttaswamy (Retd.) (2017). The Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Rights raise some fundamental contradictions inherent in the Constitution.

These issues are not of mere academic interest. On the contrary, government intervention continues to weigh heavy on India's growth story. There are a 'million mutinies' across the country, on issues such as land rights, reservation in education and jobs, the unemployment crisis, religious freedom and others whose roots lie in an unrestrained state which acted as an arbiter of privilege for one section over the other.  

About the Resource Persons

Ms. Bhuvana Anand, Research Advisor, Centre for Civil Society

Ms. Bhuvana Anand is a governance and public policy specialist. Her experience spans working with donors and civil society organisations in Sudan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, India and the United States, in policy advocacy, managing multi-pronged programs and research.

Ms. Bhuvana has university and graduate level training in economics and politics, including coursework in political economy, public policy and principles of law. Bhuvana is deeply interested in institutional economics and public choice theories that help to explain the ‘interest-incentive-information’ motivation that guides and governs political leaders and civil servants. She received a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University and her bachelor's from St Xavier's College, Mumbai. 

Ms. Bhuvana previously worked with the United Nations, the British Government's Department for International Development, and MIT’s Poverty Action Lab. Bhuvana is currently a research advisor with CCS and was Principal Investigator for the volume Doing Business in Delhi.


Mr. Barun Mitra, Founder and Director, the Liberty Institute

Mr. Barun is the founder and director of the Liberty Institute, www.InDefenceofLiberty.org, a nonprofit, independent public policy research and advocacy organisation, based in New Delhi, India. Liberty Institute is dedicated to enhancing individual freedom in economic and political domains. Among the recognition the Institute has received was the Templeton Award for social entrepreneurship in 2003. Mr. Barun Mitra also received the 2005 Julian L. Simon Award for his contribution in environmental policy debates from the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


Mr. Prashant Narang, An Activist, Advocate and Academician

Mr. Prashant is an advocate who believes in free enterprise. Having taught at some of the best law schools across India as a visiting faculty, he is currently pursuing PhD from Center for the Study of Law and Governance at Jawaharlal Nehru University and running a YouTube channel on policy issues.



Ms. Sampurna Khasnbis, Senior Associate, Programs, Centre for Civil Society

Ms. Sampurna is a graduate in History from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University. 

Ms. Sampurna has previously worked with Amnesty International India on their human rights campaigns as well as their youth network. She is an avid writer and has also directed several theater productions. She is a certified Odissi dancer, having obtained her certificate from Pracheen Kala Kendra.


Mr. Abhinav Singh, Manager, Programs, Centre for Civil Society

Mr. Abhinav has done his Bachelors in Economics from Sri Venkateshwara College, University of Delhi. He is also a CCS alumnus and has previously worked on Mint's editorial team, writing unsigned editorials. 

Mr. Abhinav has been the South Asia Programs Manager at Students For Liberty. He is a classical liberal and is interested in advancing the pro-liberty movement in the country.


Date, Time and Venue

March 22 -24, 2019 | 09:00am – 05:00pm

Seminar Hall,
Third Floor, Academic Block,
Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA

Contact Person

Ms. Meera Mathews,
Assistant Professor & Head – Administration,
Research & Publication Cell,
Symbiosis Law School, NOIA

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Ms. Reeta,
Coordinator, Centre for Civil Society

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