National Conference on Interlinking of Legal Aid Centres and Legal Services Authorities: In Collaboration with National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) - April 19, 2016


We, at Symbiosis Law School Noida, strive to groom learners to become unified face of our legal fraternity, to produce knowledge disseminators and to produce individuals who are torchbearers of the legal system of our country. Our effort is aimed at producing an intellect that believes in reformation, rather than punishments, and has the potential of hoisting the flag of ‘truth & justice’ in an unfailing manner. In furtherance of these objectives, we offer various opportunities to our students that help them in their holistic development. The establishment of Legal Aid Center is an effort in this direction to bridge the gap between society and the justice system.

The Legal Aid Center, SLS-NOIDA has successfully conducted numerous events on issues, including ‘Rights of Third-Gender Persons’, ‘Dating Abuse’, ‘Filing of Applications under the Right to Information Act’, and ‘Marital Rape’ not only in Delhi-NCR region but also across India in Kolkata, Gujarat, Vishakhapatnam, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Faizabad & Junagarh.

During this journey, we came across issues like, distinct socio-geographical features of the target group/place, time gap that makes frequent meetings with the target population difficult, etc. To overcome such allied issues, we felt if Legal Aid Centers of various institutions located in different states/districts, as the case may be, come together, they would be able to serve the purpose for which they exist.

In view of above, we aim to connect Legal Aid Center’s of various law schools across India, which in turn will enhance efforts of everyone. Thus, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA in collaboration with National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) has organised National Conference on Interlinking of Legal Aid Centres of Law Colleges in India’ on April 19, 2016.


Apropos to the spirit of Article 39-A of the Constitution of India which was introduced in the Directive Principles of State Policy by 42nd Amendment, and, with the object of providing free legal aid, the Government of India by a resolution dated September 26, 1980 appointed a Committee known as “Committee for Implementing Legal Aid Schemes” (CILAS) under the chairmanship of the then Hon’ble Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati, to monitor and implement legal aid programs on a uniform basis in all the States and Union Territories. ‘CILAS’ evolved a model scheme for legal aid programs applicable throughout the country by which several legal aid and advice boards were set up in the States and Union Territories.

In continuation of the spirit behind Article 39-A of the Constitution of India, the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 was enacted, which led to establishment of National Legal Services Authority (hereinafter referred as NALSA). The said Act mandated NALSA, with other matters, ‘to lay down policies and principles for making legal services available to the weaker sections of the society’ and also ‘to frame most effective & economical schemes for legal services’.

The Legal Education Rules, 2008 framed by the Bar Council of India devised the role of law colleges in providing legal aid to the needy ones and makes it mandatory for every institution catering to legal education to establish Legal Aid Center (hereinafter referred as LAC). Now a days recognizing the growing importance of young legal professionals in facilitating access to justice by marginalized communities has become the prominent objective of every LAC’s set up in different law colleges. Legal Aid Centre at different law schools through their efforts seek to present a realistic methodology to achieve this goal. These LAC’s present a string of ideas for building linkages with the Legal Services Authorities, Panchayats, municipalities and community based organizations for strengthening access to justice for the poor. This is where the NALSA functioning becomes apropos.

LAC’s have also played an important role in mitigating the prevailing injustices, official apathy and raising the competence bar of the budding professionals, and also upgrading the general level of legal awareness of the community. However, we are operating in our places be it District or State Level. Need is felt to have united effort aiming at understanding each one’s strength, assisting each other and strengthening the efforts to achieve the set goal of free legal aid to needy ones and providing justice to everyone without delay.

With this motive, the Legal Aid Centre, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA would like to bring together and connect Legal Aid Centres in India with NALSA/SLSA/DLSA so that the services could be rendered in the real sense under the authority & guidance of such authorities. The aim of the conference is to bring all of them to interlink with each other and make a one big platform in order to learn and grow with each other together. This will open up various horizons of different ideas and work plans for all the L.A.Cs. The perspective shared will make all the students work in unity towards the unheard voices of the society. As John Dickinson said “united we stand divided we fall”. We aspire to stand together and join hands to work as bigger force towards an equal society.


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Registration: 08:30am – 09:30am
Session I: 09:31am – 10:45am

Introduction To Conference: Uniting Of L.A.Cs & L.S.As To Serve Greater Purpose: Besides welcome note & felicitation of the guests, this session will introduce theme of the conference. The audience will be addressed by Chairperson of the Session; authorities from NALSA will also address the gathering while emphasizing upon need of creating inter-linking between & among the entire participant LAC’s and the LSA’s. This session will be of 1 hr. & 15 minutes.

Tea Break: 10:45am – 11:00am
Session II: 11:01am – 01:30pm

Presentation By L.A.C.’S: The second session will start with presentation from L.A.Cs of participating colleges showcasing their working in their respective universities. This sharing of their experiences will help all the participating L.A.Cs in learning different methodologies. This session will be of 1 hr. & 30 minutes.

Lunch Break: 01:31pm – 02:15pm
Session III: 02:16pm – 04:30pm

Discussion on Theme For National Project & Model Framework: This session will deal with the proposal that all the L.A.Cs should work upon a project within their districts under supervision & with guidance of the NALSA. It will be a national level project.

Theme & issue of the proposed project work is selected with aid & advice of the NALSA. During the running session, theme & issue will be introduced by the NALSA. Further, ‘model framework’ as selected by NALSA will be introduced & discussed during this session. And, the all the participating L.A.Cs will launch the said project in their districts.

Background: The following five themes were proposed before the authorities at NALSA: Legal Services for Under-trial Prisoners; Legal Services for Person Arrested in Lock Ups; Legal Services for Women/child Victim of Trafficking; Legal Services for Juveniles in Juvenile Justice System Working Conditions at Old Age Homes.

After deliberations and consultation with authorities at National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), considering the gravity of the issue violation of legal rights & basic human rights of under-trial prisoners and need felt of intervention by the concerned authorities, the theme ‘Legal Services for Under-trial Prisoners’.

Session IV: 04:31pm – 05:00pm

Concluding Remarks


Convenor, the Legal Aid Centre/Cell of the Institute/College and 2 student representatives of each participating Institute/College. Certification of Participation & Presentation, in name of individual, will be given.


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Participants will make their own arrangements. We shall provide necessary assistance in locating the accommodation.


Dr. Madhuker Sharma,

Assistant Professor, Head, Legal Aid Centre, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA
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Student Conveners

Mr. Yash Kotak: +91 (0) 8527272859
Ms. Srijata Majumdar: +91 (0) 9871855424
Ms. Maithili Moondra: +91 (0) 8826307196

For any inquiry, please feel free to contact any of the student conveners.


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