NLIU Bhopal Environmental Meet 2011

SLS, NOIDA- The Best College and The Winner of Rolling Trophy

-An unforgettable experience…

“It seems that I am repeating the same name again and again……..”!! These are the words that are still echoing in my mind. This statement made by the conveyor of NATIONAL LAW INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY made us stand out of the crowd…, made us proud of what and where we are today… SYMBIOSIS LAW SCHOOL, NOIDA. It made us realize the zeal we had to prove ourselves and to get more laurels and glory to our institution. On 3rd September, NATIONAL LAW INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY, BHOPAL organized an INTER-COLLEGE ENVIRONMENT MEET 2011, of which out of more than 19 colleges, Symbiosis law school, Noida was also a part. A lovely weather, a friendly ambience and a warm and a welcoming gesture, NLIU BHOPAL had it all.

On 2nd September, we all left for BHOPAL. We had a number of students namely Shubhangi Arora, Dishti Titus, Akshita Sachdeva, Gitika Dixit, Aman Khare, Sriram Mohan, Aman Verma, Natasha Bardia, Paridhi Dixit, Gurkaran Singh Arora, Srishti Mallick, Abhinav Dutt and me accompanied by our seniors Abhinav Gaur, Ankit Srivastava, Jatin Kumar and Shreya Seth headed by Ashok Wadje Sir. On 3rd , we reached the NLIU BHOPAL campus….. there were a great deal of events that we all participated in, the events included ‘Extempore’ ,’Shipwreck’ (it is a kind of an activity where the participant gets a personality and tells that why he should he be the only one to be saved as the ship is about to sink),’Quiz’, ’Tableau’(where the participants have to enact a story by not moving but standing at a stationary position),’Mad ad’(where a team’s capability is tested on the fact that how well they sell their product),’Street play’ and ’Weave a story’.

After every activity was over and every event was complete, the time for the results had come. We were all called to the auditorium for the felicitation ceremony. We won 7 trophies altogether, which includes the 1st prize in Mad-ad in which we had two teams of five members each and their topics were EARTH HOUR and OZONE DEPLETION respectively .The winning team included Shubhangi Arora, Akshita Sachdeva, Ankit Srivastava, Abhinav Dutt and Gurkaran Singh Arora and the team which participated included Abhinav Gaur, Dishti Titus , Sriram Mohan, Aman Verma and Paridhi Dixit. We were awarded the 1st and the 2nd prize as well in shipwreck in which Jatin Kumar was the winner and Shreya Seth was the runners up. We also got the 2nd prize in Tableau in which Abhinav Gaur, Paridhi Dixit, Ankit Srivastava, Aman Verma, and Srishti Mallick participated. We got the 2nd prize in quiz in which Jatin kumar and Shreya Seth participated. Me and Natasha Bardia participated in the quiz and Gurkaran Singh Arora, Sriram Mohan, Shubhangi Arora, Dishti Titus and Aman Khare participated in Weave a story, and we won 2nd prize in Street play; and then came the proud moment …the overall rolling trophy out of so many colleges went to SYMBIOSIS LAW SCHOOL, NOIDA. To hold the trophy in our hands was a different feeling altogether. The main highlight of our success was that our auditions were held  on 30th of August and on such a short notice preparing so much was a big challenge…. but we managed it rather managed it so well that we brought home seven trophies.

I would like to thank our Director, Dr. Rawandale sir to provide us with such an opportunity to prove ourselves and as sir says,”Success doesn’t come from the the fact that how old or new you are but hardwork is the major factor of your success…”holds true for us. I would also like to thank Ashok Wadje Sir for his unending support throughout the trip; he helped us in innumerous ways and also Shikha ma’am for her guidance and support. I would also like to thank our seniors without whom this would not have been possible…. and last but not the least all the participants who had put in a lot of efforts and as a result we are here today with the best college trophy….. I would like to end up by quoting what has rightly been said by Ayn Rand……….

“The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity”

Shabdita Singh

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