Safarnama: A Journey of Celebrations!
Meet the backbones of our fest!!
TEASER smf'23


Our Story

The Symfiesta family is back at work after a lengthy break to provide our students three days of happy faces and at-ease minds. The Symfiesta community extends a warm welcome to you. After those three days, every tiny feeling becomes worthwhile to share. We are thrilled to welcome you into the family and can't wait to bring you the most memorable days of the year. The crew puts a lot of effort into their job, so we are thrilled that you can see the outcomes. So let's travel with our party hats, dancing shoes, and, most significantly, a spirit of rejoicing. Together, let's make this event the most spectacular one yet has ever seen.

About the Theme


Have you ever wondered about having a world where it's just you and your thoughts? Your dreams coming to life, a galaxy of your thoughts visually blooming, we are bringing you this very feeling. The feeling of ecstasy, enthusiasm and excitement, all mixed as one. We are bringing you a dreamland, a world full of possibilities and calm and happiness. Presenting to you, ‘Aurora’ : a mystical reverie. Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA is here to bring you an experience like never before, we are here to put you in a trance and make you feel alive.

Message from the team

Cordial salutation: Finally its that time of the year that gets all hopes high and where people cry, laugh, fight and emote every feeling together. It provides learners with 3 days of great experience and joy, liberating themselves from the hustle-bustle life at law college. It is a pleasure to receive an overwhelming response every year, that keeps us going and bring Symfiesta back with a bang. We work hards to let you live the best 3 possible days of your year. with your support, this fest becomes a gigantic triumph. Therefore, encouraging you all, here’s the team of symfiesta welcoming you with open hands.s



Flagship Events
  • Battle of Bands
  • Street Play
  • Group Dance
  • Symvogue
  • Mock Trial
Legal Events
  • Mock Trial
  • Client Counseling
Literary Events
  • Debate
  • Quiz
Cultural Events
  • Solo Dancing
  • Solo Singing (Indian)
Miscellaneous Events
  • Colossal Gaming
  • Graffiti
  • Open Mic
  • Rap battle
  • Photography
  • Canvas painting
  • Theater


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