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Journals on Comparative Laws

The Comparative Law Review is a peer-reviewed, English language journal concerned to engage with the theoretical exploration of legal systems and the mutual intersections of Law and Culture. The principal aim of the CoLR is to reassess the understanding of comparativism so to provide an international forum for academic research and to orient the new trends of scholarly debate on central subject-matters, such as the critical construction of legal traditions, the governance of legal order, the subtle interfaces between Law and Politics, the jurisdictional projects, the undertaking of a new legal geopolitics, the economic dimension of legal changes, the mutable forms of global scenarios.

The Cardozo Law Bulletin is a peer-reviewed, English and Italian language journal concerned to provide an international forum for academic research exploring the threesholds of legal theory, judicial practice and public policy, where the use of a 'comparative law and literature' approach becomes crucial to the understanding of Law as a complex order.

The Cardozo Law Bulletin, established in 1995 as one of the world first Law Journals on the Web, invites the submission of essays, topical article, comments, critical reviews, which will be evaluated by an independent committee of referees on the basis of their quality of scholarship, originality, and contribution to reshaping legal views and perspectives.

Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law is published each spring and fall. DJCIL is a very influential, specialized journal devoted exclusively to the issues of comparative and international law. The journal was first established in 1990. Since its inception, DJCIL has become a well-known and widely cited legal periodical. The journal draws upon the law school’s prominent faculty and its JD/LLM Program in International and Comparative Law. Every year, the journal admits several international practitioners enrolled in the Duke LLM program as its staff editors. The journal is edited by a student board and publishes articles from prominent international scholars and practitioners. Approximately one-third of the journal is devoted to student notes.

The Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law (JMCL) is a journal of the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya. It began publication in 1974 with two issues a year, in June and December. Since then, it has been published annually in either one or two issues, depending on the number of contributions submitted each year. The journal accepts and publishes contributions from scholars all over the world. Its articles in both English and Bahasa Malaysia reflect its dual character as a Malaysian and Comparative Law journal. Its subject matter and contents, wide-ranging in character, also reflect a bias towards the Malaysian law. It is priced at 30 RM (Ringgit Malaysia) per copy. The Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law is distributed by the Marketing Manager, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Electronic Journal of Comparative Law publishes articles relating to comparative private and public law, comparative legal aspects of information technology and the methodology of comparative law. As to the methodological aspects of comparative law, articles relating to any area (e.g. private law, public law, European law, international law) may be submitted. Articles discussing more substantive comparative private and public law topics will have to discuss and compare at least two legal systems.