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Journals on Business Law

The Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law was founded in 2005 as a student run business law journal, specializing in corporate, financial and commercial law subjects, including securities and bankruptcy law

To serve equally our members, our profession and the public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession

The ABA achieves its mission through tireless work toward four goals.

Goal I: Serve Our Members.

Objective: Provide benefits, programs and services which promote members’ professional growth and quality of life.

Goal II: Improve Our Profession.

Objectives: Promote the highest quality legal education. Promote competence, ethical conduct and professionalism. Promote pro bono and public service by the legal profession.

Established in 2005 by the Centre for Commercial Law, the Corporate Governance e-Journal (Bond) is an Australian journal on corporate management law. The e-journal has an international and comparative law focus. Contributors will discuss and analyze all aspects of corporate governance law and practice, with special emphasis on company directors' powers and duties. The e-Journal is published online as each article or note is refereed, accepted for publication, edited and posted on the web. From time to time, selected contributions will also be published in monographs.

The e-Journal will be of interest to lawyers, managers, law and management academics and students. Articles are written by leading researchers, practitioners and students in aspects of corporate governance law and practice.

Erasmus Law and Economics Review is a new, open and free communication interface between lawyers, academics and economists. It aims at spreading the Law and Economics approach in order to break down national barriers and enable lawyers from all over the world to communicate with each other by providing a common framework of thinking, in the way economists and other social scientists have always done.

The magazine of economic analysis of law (Economic Analysis of Law Review) was created as a vehicle for dissemination of theoretical and empirical studies that address new and old legal issues under an innovative Prism. A broad spectrum of both methodological point of view as an object of study, your articles exploring unusual aspects of legal and political issues by the use of traditional economic disciplines such as microeconomics, game theory, econometrics and Public choice theory (Public Choice), as well as more recent disciplines like behavioural economics or even other areas such as sociology and evolutionary biology. The magazine of economic analysis of law was created in the firm understanding that the economic analysis of law is becoming increasingly important in the identification and resolution of relevant legal issues and it is necessary to strengthen the dialogue between jurists and social scientists and internacionalment

The International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law (IJNL) is ICNL's journal of analysis on global civil society. IJNL addresses legal topics as well as social, cultural, political and economic issues affecting the legal environment. Our readers include attorneys, government officials, grantmakers, scholars, and activists.

Established in 1992, The In House Lawyer is the magazine of choice of the in-house counsel of the UK and EMEA. Relied upon and trusted by Heads of Legal Departments, Company Secretaries and Managing Directors of FTSE 500 companies for providing authoritative and independent editorial content, The In House Lawyer boasts the largest and most comprehensive published resources of professional knowledge and expertise.

Each month 5,000 print copies of IHL are sent to the decision makers in the FTSE 500 companies and world leading organisations, with an estimated total readership of over 25,000.

Each edition updates readers on changes in the law in a wide range of areas including Contract, Corporate and Commercial, Employment, IT & Telecommunications and Intellectual Property.

The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland is sent each month to over 10,000 subscribers, including all practising solicitors on the roll of the Law Society of Scotland, making it Scotland's most widely-read legal periodical. The Journal is editorially independent of the Society, but provides solicitors with the key professional news and practice guidelines published by the Society, together with an extensive range of legal and professional practice articles. It is also Scotland's leading legal recruitment forum.

The Journal of Law and Commerce is a law review published by an independent student group at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law, focusing on domestic and international commercial and business law. The journal is published biannually, with recent issues available online. Its Bluebook abbreviation is J.L. & Com.

Founded in 1980, the journal's focus on commercial, business, tax, and corporate law reflects the law school's interests in those areas. The journal dedicates a portion of each volume to issues regarding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Due to the international nature of this research, the journal translates these issues into several languages.

Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization is a peer-reviewed journal published by IISTE. The journal publishes original papers at the forefront of international law, corporate law, and public policy and globalization issues. The journal is published in both printed and online versions. The online version is free access and downloads.

The Journal of Law and Financial Management is an academic journal published by the University of Sydney Business School. The purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for the publication of research and analysis focused on the nexus of the general disciplinary areas of law (primarily business and commercial law) and financial management. Potential contributors should note that the term "financial management" as used in the title of the journal, is used broadly rather than narrowly, and encompasses all aspects of accounting and financial reporting, finance and financial economics.

The National Law Journal, a U.S. periodical founded in 1978, reports legal information of national importance to attorneys, including federal circuit court[clarification needed] decisions, verdicts, practitioners' columns, coverage of legislative issues and legal news for the business and private sectors.

The Economic & Labour Relations Review (ELRR) is a double-blind, refereed journal. Original articles which are concerned with contemporary issues, developments and policy making may be submitted via the Scholar One Manuscripts website for consideration for publication, provided they have not been published elsewhere, or are under consideration for publication elsewhere. The ELRR is produced jointly by the Centre for Applied Economic Research (CAER) and the Industrial Relations Research Centre (IRRC) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). It is published by SAGE Publications.