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Journals on Privacy Laws

Privacy Law & Policy Reporter (PLPR) is a monthly review and analysis of privacy laws, policies and practices, focusing on Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific. PLPR commenced publication in 1994. This database contains the archival volumes of PLPR, provided for free access by the publisher. The current volume of PLPR, and any issues published within the last year, are not included in this archive, and are only available by subscription from the publisher. PLPR is published by Hi-Tech Editing Pty Ltd. It was previously published by Prospect Publishing (Vol 1-8) and by LexisNexis Butterworths (Vol 9-10).

With over 18 years specialist experience, Privacy Laws & Business International newsletters have become the comprehensive information source for privacy and data protection managers.

Privacy incidents can leave organisations in breach of the law, but just as importantly, bad publicity can seriously damage your organisation’s brand and inevitably its bottom line. Privacy and data protection is now a business priority. Consumers are increasingly aware of their rights and willing to exercise them against organisations that fail to protect their information.

Through a mix of corporate case studies, legal analysis and best practice advice, Privacy Laws & Business International newsletters help organisations benchmark compliance practices and improve procedures.