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The Curiosity Project

in service of tomorrow's workforce

and today's unprecedented opportunity.


implement modern best practices in education
with easy-to-use technology and staff training

Transparent Systems

Create a fair & communicative environment that removes fears of "the unknown" from the learning organization.

Automate Administration

Reduce the time spent by teachers on administration so that they can concentrate on teaching.

Track Performance

Use key performance indicators to track the performance of students & teachers. What is tracked can then be improved.

Inclusive Pedagogy

Establish a student & faculty feedback mechanism so that students have a voice in how and what they learn.

Unstructured Learning

Create avenues for learning beyond the boundaries of a course - human curiosity is the most powerful teacher.

Flipped Classrooms

Use the classroom to critically consider knowledge one acquire's outside it - with peers and a teacher for moderation.


for Students

  • Save trees and time with online information systems.
  • Track your academic performance and keep improving.
  • Use online tools to acquire knowledge beyond the classroom.
  • Give and take feedback to keep improving together.

for Others

  • Teachers save time & get new tools to engage the digital generation.
  • Parents can mentor and co-learn with their child.
  • Administrators deliver a better experience for all stakeholders.