Bachelor Of Business Administration And Bachelor of Laws (B.B.A. LL.B.)

The use of the word ‘multi’ is indeed multiplying in today’s world, multi-nationals, multi-tasking, multi-dimensional, and why not multi-disciplinary? The sweeping changes in the global economic scenario have necessitated a strong demand for a breed of youngsters with the potential knowledge of law coupled with the core essentials of management and business to enhance productivity. With the object of catering to this demand unfolding before the students, and to enable them to explore these vistas of opportunities that lie ahead, we have commenced an integrated Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Laws degree programme (B.B.A. LL.B). Here, we impart exhaustive knowledge to the students not only to survive but also to excel in an increasingly competitive world.


  • Students will be able to equip themselves with skills and knowledge to lead and advise corporate and other legally organized human endeavour keeping in mind cultural sensibilities, diversity, gender sensitivity, environmental sustainability, comparative, transnational and global competencies by studying law in the particular context of business administration and management.
  • Acquire legal knowledge from various disciplines and professions to equip them to perform various roles of a professional lawyer beyond the traditional role of litigation linking their domain knowledge to the legal profession.
  • Get an edge over other peers to lead and shape social, public and corporate enterprises such as the State, Community organizations and Social Enterprises, become justice sentinels and justice crusaders.
  • Gain hands-on experience in legal knowledge, skills, ethics and values to be able to work in a fast-changing India set in a de-globalizing world because of the course curriculum which will facilitate learning law in a profound way in response to contemporary developments.
  • Find, identify and interpret the law in a given situation.
  • Resolve the legal problems with the correct application of the law.
  • Procure the IT skills to use the electronic resources to find the legal information.
  • Improve cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, analytical and independent critical thinking with enhanced research capabilities by using different pedagogical methods using collaborative online international learning.
  • Cultivate the ability to appreciate the role of lawyers in justice education in a globalising world sensitive to the needs of sustainability, poverty and vulnerability.
  • Acquaint with the institutions of the legal systems including national, international and multiple aspects of dispute resolution, groomed in intellectual integrity, critical thinking, and be practice-ready lawyers.