Achievements (Extra-Curricular)

OUTLAWED - The WB National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) - February 06, 07, 08 2015

Ms. Alexandra Celestine won the First Prize in Solo Dancing.

Mr. Abhishek Mathur won the Third Prize in Eastern Solo Singing.

The Contingent, comprising of Ms. Maanya Vaidyanathan, Ms. Ambika Khanna, Ms. Saachi Shante, Ms. Nayanika Ruia, Ms. Sohini Bardhan, Ms. Alexandra & MR. Abhishek Mathur, was adjudged as the Third Best contingent.

INBA-Novartis IPR Debate Competition, 2014 – December 08, 2014

Indian National Bar Association (INBA) and Novartis Organised INBA-Novartis IPR Debate Competition- 2014 on the topic “Patents Harm a Patient’s Health’ at India International Centre, Lodhi Gardens, Near Max Mueller Bhavan on December 08, 2014.

Mr. Jayant Bhardwaj, speaking for the motion, won the competition and secured first prize of Rs. 50, 000/ + 4 Year subscription of IP Era Magazine + Bluetooth Speaker + Powerbank.

The best news is that Mr. Jayant Bhardwaj, First Year Learner and Ms. Ujjaini Chatterji, Third Year Learner, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA made it to the final eight of the shortlisted candidates by the panel.

KAIROS 2014 – National Law University, Delhi’s Cultural Festival - February 28- March 02, 2014:

Ms. Shalini Nair & Mr. Rounaq Joshi won In Mock Trial, First Prize where as Mr. Rounaq Joshi and Mr. Saksham Gogia reached the finals of Negotiations Competition and won Second prize.

Mr. Mayura Priyan won first prize in Painting Competition as well as in Gloomy Rumi.

First and Third prize in Dadas of Dadaism were won by Team of Mr. Vivekananda Bhardwaj, Ms. Arushi Moza, Ms. Varija Khanan and Team of Ms. Aashna Sharun, Ms. Jasveen Kaur, Ms. Antara Rastogi, Ms. Srijata Majumdar respectively.

In Solo Singing, Ms. Tanvee Praveen won Second Prize where as Ms. Gopika Raghu won second prize in Solo Western Dance.

Team of Ms. Saachi Shante, Ms.Sakshi Chandra and Mr. Prasham Goel won third prize in Quiz.

Third Prize in Street Play was win by Team of Ms. Aadya Dube, Mr. Rishabh Bhargava, Mr. Rudhvir Vadhan, Mr. Ramandeep Singh Dahiya, Ms. Srishti Badhwar, Mr. Ishaan Sikka, Ms. Prakriti Hans, Ms. Alinda Bhowal, Mr. Udit Prakash Potaliya, Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyaya, Ms. Arpita Srivastava, Mr. Ketal Goel, Ms. Nimisha Nat Narayan, Ms. Ansha Pathak

SYMBHAV 2014 – Symbiosis Law School, Pune's Cultural Festival – February 21-23, 2014

SLS Noida participated in Symbhav 2014, the annual national fest organised by SLS Pune from February 21-23, 2014. The contingent representing SLS Noida consisted of 33 students who competed in multiple literary, cultural, legal, musical, fine arts and quizzing events.

In Extempore, Mr. Prayank Jain won the third position after qualifying for three rounds in succession; In Debate, Mr. Prayank Jain and Mr. Shailesh Poddar were the finalists, which consisted of the top six performers from three qualifying rounds. Mr. Shailesh Poddar and Mr. Prayank Jain were adjudged the 4th and 5th best speakers respectively and In Just A Minute (J.A.M), Mr. Angad Singh Badhwar and Mr. Shailesh Poddar reached till the second and final round of the event.

In Western Solo Singing, Mr. Akash Gadamshetty reached till the second and final round.

In On the Spot Acting, SLS Noida bagged all three positions. Mr. Prayank Jain was adjudged the winner and won the event. Ms. Alinda Bhowal came second and Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyaya shared the third position with Ms.Aadya Dube.

In the flagship event, Mr. Symbhav, Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyaya and Mr. B. Rudhvir Vadhan were finalists in the third round. Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyaya was the runner up in the event.

In Mad Ads, team comprising of Mr. Rishabh Bhargava, Mr. Adya Dube, Ms. Aavritee Naithani, Ms. Alinda Bhowal, Mr. Udit Potaliya and Mr. B. Rudhvir Vadhan won the third position; In Dumb Charades, team comprising of Ms. Malavika Rajkumar, Ms. Swati Singh and Mr. Udit Potaliya came second. Another team comprising of Mr. Rishabh Bhargava, Ms. Srishti Badhwar and Ms. Alinda Bhowal reached till the finals.

In Gaming event, Mr. Angad Singh Badhwar reached till the quarterfinals in FIFA 14; In Photography event, Ms. Eishani Behl earned recommendation from the organisers.

Informal Events - In Chug mart, Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyaya won the event by drinking the highest number of bottles of an energy drink. Mr. Angad Singh Badhwar also won an event by throwing the highest number of balls in a bucket. 

Shrinkhla - Annual Management and Cultural Fest – Hierank Business School, NOIDA
April 12-14, 2013

Learners at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA won several accolades at Shrinkhla, Annual Management and Cultural Fest organised by Hierank Business School, NOIDA on April 12-14, 2013. The list includes:

Ms. Aadya Dube – First Prize Winner – Debate;
Mr. Aditya Sharma - First Prize Winner – Extempore;
Ms. Aavritee Naithani, Ms. Dishti Titus, Ms. Mitali Mote, Ms. Shubhangi Jain, Ms. Ragini Desai, Ms. Riya Gulati, Ms. Ishaani Awasthi – Frist Prize Winner – Group Dance;
Mr. Ashutosh Upadhayay- Second Prize Winner - Solo Singing.

Challenger Cup - ITM University, Gurgaon
March 04-13, 2013

Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA won the ‘Runner Up’ position and prize at Challenger Cup organized by ITM University, Gurgaon. The tournament was held from March 04-13, 2013 at Gurgaon.

The team consists of the following: Mr. Rahul Jaitly; Mr. Kunal Jaitly; Mr. Kshitij Arora; Mr. Shubham Arya; Mr. Keshav Chaturvedi; Mr. Subroto Ghosh; Mr. Akshay Bhandari; Mr. Vishal Nagpal; Mr. Amartya Singh; Mr. Sadaat Salim; Mr. Saksham Gogia; Mr. Archit Gupta and Mr. Shushant Singh.

They defeated Echelon College, Faridabad; National Law University, Delhi, Ansal College, Gurgaon. Mr. Rahul Jaitly was declared ‘Man of the Series’ for being the Most Wicket Taker as well as Maximum Run Scorer. Mr. Subrato Ghosh, Mr. Saksham Gogia was also declared ‘Man of the Match’ in earlier two of the matches.

SYMBHAV, 2013- Symbiosis Law School, Pune
February 22-24, 2013

Learners at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA won several accolades in SYMBHAV 2013 organised by Symbiosis Law School, Pune on February 22-24, 2013. The list includes:

Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyaya – Winner – Mr. SYMBHAV;
Mr. Angad Singh – Winner – On the Sport Acting;
Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyay – Third Position – On the Sport Acting;
Mr. Prayank Jain – Stand Up Comedy – Winner;
Ms. Ashna Awasthi – Finger Painting – Third Position;
Ms. Kathakoli Bose & Mr. Abhishek Kumar Tripathi – First Adv. Ram Jethmalani Criminal Law Moot Court Competition – Winners;
Ms. Dishti Titus- Finalist- Ms. SYMBHAV
Ms. Dipshi Swara - Finalist- Ms. SYMBHAV
Mr. Prateek Singh- Finalist- Mr. SYMBHAV
Mr. Simant Satpathy – Finalist – Mr. SYMBHAV
Ms. Shalini Panigrahi- Finalist- Solo Classical Singing
Mr. Manoj BSR- Finalist- Solo Western Singing
Ms. Aadya Dube, Ms. Chhabbi Ojha, Mr. Satwik Tripathi, Mr. Varun Tandon, Mr. Prayank Jain - MAD ADS - Finalist
Ms. Aadya Dube- Semi Finalist- Extempore
Mr. Angad Singh- Console Gaming (FIFA) - Semi Finalist
Mr. Himanshu Sethia & Mr. Rounaq Joshi- Client Counselling - Semi Finalist

Invicta – Annual Sports Fest – WB National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata
February 16-18, 2013

Football Team of Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA won the Championship at Invicta, Annual Sports Fest organized by National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) Kolkata between February 16-18, 2013.

The Team consisted of: Goal Keepers: Mr. Yashovardhan Oza, Mr. Sriram Mohan; Defenders: Mr. Arjun Singh (Captain), Mr. Manik Sachdeva, Mr. Urfee Roomi, Mr. Arjun Saxena; Half: Mr. Vansh Manchanda, Mr. Abhimanyu Pareek, Mr. Satyam Vinod Bhatia, Mr. Jaskaran, Mr. Subrato Ghosh, Mr. Karanbir Singh Thind, Mr. Dhruv Nayar; Forwrads: Mr. Ankan Rai, Mr. Kartikeya Singh.

In addition to the above, Mr. Shriram Won ‘Silver Medal’ in Long Jump (Male) whereas Ms. Priyanka Bhargava won ‘Silver Medal’ in Long Jump (Female).

AirCel Chennai Open Tennis Tournament, 2013
December 31, 2012 - January 06, 2013

Mr. Nitin Mittal and Mr. Yashashvi Virendra, Second Year Learners, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA, have been selected as Core Members such as ‘Official Blog Writer’ and ‘Team Coordinator’ respectively to cover the AirCel Chennai Open Tennis Tournament, 2013 for Further Mr. Yashashvi Virendra is also working for the legal assistance team. You all must know that AirCel Chennai Open is the only ATP event in India. is the official promoter of AirCel Chennai Openn 2013 who has its collaboration with I.M.G. Reliance, Official Sponsor of the tournament. 

Symbiosis International University, Pune- Squash (Men) Team
December 18-19, 2012

Pre - University Selection trials for the selections of Symbiosis International University Squash (Men) Team was conducted on December 18-19, 2012 at Lavale Squash court. There were around 24 participants who had registered from 8 different Institutes.

Vaarish .K. Sawlani, First Year Learner, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA has made it to the list of Squash (Men) players provisionally selected to represent the Symbiosis International University in All India Inter-University Squash (Mens) Tournament to be held in LNUPE, Gwalior from January 2-5, 2013.

Third Inter Institute Football Competition, 2012- Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
October 7-10, 2012

Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA entered into quarter finals of Third Inter Institute Football Competition organised by Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune.

The members in the squad were: Mr. Arjun Saxena, Mr. Arjun Singh, Mr. Prateek Yadav, Mr. Jaskaran Singh, Mr. Rohit Kumar, Mr. Rishi Bansal, Mr. Abhimanyu Pareek, Mr. Kartikey Singh, Mr. Yashovardhan Oza, Mr. Sahir Sharma, Mr. Karanbir Singh Thind, Mr. Sriram Mohan, Mr. Manik Sachdeva, Mr. Urfee Roomi and Mr. Subrato Ghosh.

Think India Law Summit, 2012- NITTTR, Bhopal
October 6-7, 2012

Mr. Pravir Srivastava, Third Year Learner and Ms. Akanksha Sisodia, Second Year Learner, Symbiosis Law School stood 'Third' at the Debate Competition organized at the Think India Law Summit at NITTTR, Bhopal on October 6-7, 2012. They beat National Law University, Delhi for the Third Position. They missed spot in Finals by the margin of just 0.5 marks. In total 15 teams participated which included National Law Schools and Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Symbiosis Inter University Basketball Tournament, 2012- Lavale, Pune
September 24-26, 2012

The girls’ basketball team from Symbiosis Law School, Noida, participated in the Symbiosis Inter University Basketball Tournament, 2012, which took place at the Lavale campus of Symbiosis International University, from September 24-26, 2012. There were 14 teams, which took part in the tournament. Out of which our team came the Runners-Up. In the quarterfinals, the team faced Symbiosis School of Economics. In the semi finals the team beat Symbiosis School of Management Studies. Then in the Finals the team was against Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, to whom the team lost by a basket.

The team consisted of the following members: Ms. Jayashree Parihar (Captain), Ms. Ambika Khanna, Ms. Priyanka Bhargava, Ms. Mitali Mote, Ms. Vibhuti Vasishth, Ms. Tripti Pandey, Ms. Jaskaran Kaur, Ms. Soumya Singh and Ms. Saachi Shante.

To add on to our victory, Ms. Ambika Khanna won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament. We feel proud in informing that Ms. Ambika Khanna and Ms. Priyanka Bhargava have made it to list of players provisionally selected to represent the Symbiosis International University in Inter-University tournament.

Spoculit, 2012- Lucknow
March 14-16, 2012

Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA won several prizes in Spoculit-2012, Cultural and Sports Festival organised by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow on March 14-16, 2012.
Mr. Pravir Srivastava and Mr. Gajanand Kirodiwal, won the First Prize in 'Fourth Estate'.
Mr. Sumit Lalchandani and Ms. Arveena Sharma won Second Prize in 'Imperatoria-Negotiation Competition'.
Mr. Prateek Yadav and Mr. Arjun Saxena won the 'First Prize' in 'Creative Writing'

Tout Le Monde
March 13-15, 2012

Mr. Nishant Tanwar was judged the 'Best Adjudicator' at Tout Le Monde- First Amity Parliamentary Debate, 2012- March 13-15, 2012.

Symbhav, 2012
24-26 February 2012

Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA won several prizes in Fourth Symbhav-2012, Student Festival organised by Symbiosis Law School, Pune from February 24-26, 2012 at Pune.  

Mr. Saksham Agarwal won Second Prize in ‘Shutterbug-Photo Event’;
Ms. Apoorva Sharma was judged First Runners Up in the ‘Miss Symbhav’ event;
Mr. Ankit Srivastava, Ms. Prerita Aggarwal, Mr. Abhinav Dutt and Ms. Apoorva Sharma, and Ms. Shubhangi Arora won Third Position in ‘Mad Ads’;
Ms. Shabdita Singh won Second Prize in ‘Fourth Estate’;
Mr. Abhinav Dutt won Third Rank in ‘Solo Singing-Classical’;
Mr. Pravir Srivastava and Ms. Akanksha Sisodia won Fourth Rank in ‘Quiz’.
Mr. Ayan Das, Mr. Rishi Chib, and Mr. Subrato Ghosh reached the finals of ‘What’s the Good Word’. Mr. Abhinav Dutt and Ms. Shubhangi Arora reached the finals of Mr. Symbhav and Ms. Symbhav.

BITS MUN 2012, Goa
February 2012

Mr. Aditya Sharma and Mr. Animesh Katiyar, First Year learners won High Commendation (General Assembly) and Special Mention (General Assembly) respectively. Ms. Shreya Seth and Mr. Jatin Kumar, Second year learners won High Commendation (NATO) (Double Delegation) at BITS MUN 2012, Goa.

BITS Pilani - Oasis 2011
28 October 2011

The Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA's Fashion Team comprising of Rahul Jaitly, Anuj Chaturvedi, Kartikey Yadav, Akshita Sachdeva, Sanya Arora, Mannat Sandhu, Priyesh Sharma, Vishak Sunkara, Vivek Anand, Tanvi Goyal, Shruti, Nehal Mittal, Malika Bhatia, and Vartika Pathak won theFirst Prize in the Fashion Show Event in the most famous student fest organised by BITS Pilani called 'OASIS 2011'.

Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala Parliamentary Debate, 2011
14 September 2011

The team comprised of first year learners at SLS, NOIDA including Jaishree Parihar, Rangam Sharma, Ashutosh Upadhyay, Apoorva Sharma, Nishant Tanvar, Shambhavi Shukla & Kathakali Bose, won four out of ten matches and found a place in the top eight teams that were selected for the quarterfinals. We are really proud to have such wonderful learners.

NLIU Bhopal Environmental Meet 2011
6 September 2011

Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA won 7 trophies altogether at the NLIU Bhopal Environmental Meet 2011, which includes:
1st prize in Mad-ad in which we had two teams of five members each and their topics were EARTH HOUR and OZONE DEPLETION respectively .The winning team included Shubhangi Arora, Akshita Sachdeva, Ankit Srivastava, Abhinav Dutt and Gurkaran Singh Arora and the team which participated included Abhinav Gaur, Dishti Titus , Sriram Mohan, Aman Verma and Paridhi Dixit.
1st and the 2nd prize as well in shipwreck in which Jatin Kumar was the winner and Shreya Seth was the runners up .
2nd prize in Tableau in which Abhinav Gaur, Paridhi Dixit, Ankit Srivastava, Aman Verma, and Srishti Mallick participated.
2nd prize in quiz in which Jatin kumar and Shreya Seth participated.
Shabdita Singh and Natasha Bardia participated in the quiz and Gurkaran Singh Arora, Sriram Mohan, Shubhangi Arora, Dishti Titus and Aman Khare participated in Weave a story, and we won 2nd prize in Street play; the overall rolling trophy out of so many colleges went to SYMBIOSIS LAW SCHOOL, NOIDA.

As a result,  the overall rolling trophy out of so many colleges went to SYMBIOSIS LAW SCHOOL, NOIDA

Photography Competition: 'Diversity: The Indian Culture' Organised by CAMERA CURRY

Abhinav Sharma, First Year Learner, SLS, NOIDA won the Photography Competition 'Road to Cycle Ki Sawari' Organised by CAMERA CURRY on the theme “DIVERSITY: THE INDIAN CULTURE”. Abhinav's photographs will be displayed in the exhibition at the Indian Habitat Centre which will be held on 25th May, 2011. Congratulations to Pracheta Redhu and Uttam Chaudhary of First Year for their contribution of kind too!

IMS Institute of Management Studies, NOIDA- Annual Inter College Festival ‘Pratibha’
21st -23rd April 2011

Symbiosis Law School, Noida sent its contingent of students for participation in IMS Institute of Management Studies’ Annual Inter College Festival (Utsav) ‘Pratibha’, held on 21st-23rd April 2011. Our students won accolades in the following events and was declared First Runner Up.:

  1. Ad-mads – 1st Position – Ankit Srivastava, Saman Naseem, Aadya Dubey, Chhabi Ojha, Satwik Tripathi
  2. Debate – 2nd Position – Swati Sharma, Kanishka  Bajpayee
  3. Rangoli – 2nd Position – Arveena Sharma, Supriya Rastogi
  4. Skit – 2nd Position – Ankit Srivastava, Saman Naseem, Aadya Dubey, Chhabi Ojha, Satwik Tripathi

Model United Nations – The Jaypee Institute of Engineering, Noida
19-20 February, 2011

Jaideep Sood, student of BALLB, won the higher commendation award at the Jaypee MUN held on 19th and 20th Feb’2011 at The Jaypee Institute of Engineering, Sector-62, Noida.

Model United Nations – Government Law College, Mumbai
January 2011

Mayank Aggarwal, Jaideep Sood, Shreya Seth and Varun Taneja (students of BBA LLB and BA LLB) participated in Government Law College Model United Nations’ 2011 in January’ 2011. Mayank Aggarwal received a special mention for his participation in the discussion.