Master Of Laws (LL.M.)

The highlight of this programme is its emphasis on an interdisciplinary, comparative and global approach in the study of law and research orientation. This is done by underlining the relevance of research methodology with utmost technical precision and scientific sophistication. The student has the option of a cafeteria approach in terms of specialization, cross specialization courses combining innovation, cutting edge legal acumen, clinical skills and theoretical insights.


  • To develop critical thinking amongst students so as to enable them to gain in-depth knowledge of law.
  • To improve research skills by providing a platform by undertaking research assignments.
  • To create awareness and understanding of the ethical, social, political and economic context in which the basic concepts, values, principles and rules of the Legal System are competing.
  • To critique, analyse and apply the legal knowledge of their specialization in context.
  • To provide skills to become academicians and lifelong learners.
  • To develop logical legal arguments through ability to research and critically analyse, evaluate and apply legal knowledge in problem solving and conflicting perspectives of their Specialization.
  • Contrast and distinguish between laws of different countries and learn from best practices across the globe.